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Gun-wielding ecoterrorist calls for reduction in human population, gets wish

I guess we’ll see how much coverage this guy’s views and apparent motivation gets. I’m guessing not nearly as much as if he was an NRA activist.


  1. I bet he gets just as much coverage as some of your crazed gun-loving maniacs, you know the ones who make up the vast majority of these incidents.

    The reason it’ll get good coverage is because his “manifesto” is so whacky, everybody’ll enjoy it. And they’ll all conclude the same thing, there’s too much gun availability in the U.S.

  2. Ah…so the reason this guy thinks people should be wiped out and took hostages to force favorable television programming is because there is too much gun availability in the US.

    Got it.

  3. Crazy would be the primary trait, not gun-loving.

    Another anti preaching the party line, never mind that most of that line has been proven wrong.

    According to Lott, three of the five largest school mass shootings in recent history took place in Germany. One took place in Scotland, leading to the present UK gun ban (the fourth worst by deaths was Columbine). And the recent mass shooting there would suggest that the ban had less than perfect results in stopping this kind of crime.

    There is no evidence anywhere that a large supply of guns is the cause of lunacy in their use. None.


    Though sometimes, late at night, I can hear the evil, siren song emanating from my safe, exhorting me to commit atrocities. Their evil, steel will creeping into my brain, making me do things! Luckily, I have a strong will.


  4. Back when schools had shooting teams and kids kept .22s in their lockers, there weren’t any school shootings. Modern guns must be getting more persuasive.

  5. You know, it’s funny that he wanted a reduction in the human population, but didn’t accept war as a viable means. That makes plenty of sense to me. Too many humans? Not enough resources/space/ etc? Historically, the answer is war. Sad but true.

    He didn’t make a whole lot of sense :/

  6. Isn’t it ironic that MikeB302000 blames the firearms but in this case, the “firearms” weren’t firearms.

    James J. Lee walked into One Discovery Place Wednesday afternoon with two non-firing starter pistols and four improvised explosive devices, police said. While it appears the starter pistol is what led police to shoot Lee, the explosive devices were the real danger.

    MikeB302000 is a well known troll who makes provocative statements hoping to drive traffic to his blog.
    Of course, what he doesn’t like to talk about is the simple fact that the gun control laws he advocates didn’t stop him from illegally owning firearms before.


    Wonder why that is?

  7. Apparently, as Bob S. beat me to pointing out, MikeB missed the part where the nutbag in question had bombs strapped to his body – how would the situation have changed if he did not have any firearms? Would the situation have changed? Would the hostages have been in any less danger if the whackjob did not have the firearms?

    But, then again, reading comprehension has never been one of MikeB’s strong points… neither has math, nor honesty, for that matter. I am sorry that Sparky, as we affectionately like to call him, stumbled across your site, Murdoc… As you can see, he is not entirely home ;).

    More topically to the story, every time someone even vaguely “right-wing”-ish does something illegal and high-profile, we get a never-ending stream of how it is the Right’s talk radio’s fault, how it is Sarah Palin’s fault, how it is the Tea Party’s fault, and how it is the fault of everyone on “THE RIGHT”. If that logic holds true (and I am not saying it does, just saying “if”), then where is the equivalent demonization of the enviroweenies? Fair is fair, after all.

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