Guns flowing into the hands of Mexican criminals

Via the Mexican government: State Police Arsenal Raided in Chihuahua City

The group entered by the main (south) entrance. They first took control of the radio room. In the process, they disarmed 5 guards & handcuffed their hands & feet (one news source said it was 2 police & 3 security guards).

The commando then entered the arsenal after breaking 2 locks to get through the steel doors. They took 43 H&K G36 assault rifles (.223 caliber), 26 9mm pistols, bulletproof vests & grenades.

They left the way they came with no resistance.

It looks like there wasn’t much of an effort to stop them, and it appears like the raiders had the benefit of inside information. Shocking, I know.

Just remember this the next time someone in the Obama administration tells us we need a Federal Assault Weapons Ban because we’re arming Mexican drug gangs.