Pizza Hut Robber: ‘I mean business’

Deliveryman, a former sheriff’s deputy, fatally shoots 2 during holdup at Pizza Hut

This is a case of pizza guy getting beaten and robbed while in the store. And this pizza guy is a former LEO, so we’ll see what that does to Pizza Hut’s “no weapons” policy.

Inside a cooler at an east Charlotte Pizza Hut, two would-be robbers were hitting and pistol-whipping a delivery driver. All the while, the driver said, he kept his right elbow pinned tightly against his body – holding a Glock 22 under his shirt and out of view.

He didn’t want to use the gun unless he was forced to, he recalled Tuesday. But as he felt one of the men lifting his shirt, nearly exposing the gun, the deliveryman opened fire.

The two dead guys were 21 years old. The delivery driver is 57.

A Pizza Hut official stated that they won’t discuss their weapons policy “in the interest of our employees’ safety.” Which would be funny if the policy didn’t threaten the safety of so many Pizza Hut employees.

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