Stag Arms .22 Conversion Kit

Another entry in the .22 AR conversion field:

Stag Arms .22LR Conversion Kit: Left-handed
Stag Arms .22LR Conversion Kit: Left-handed

Customers have long requested a .22LR conversion kit for our left-handed rifles and we are excited to announce that one is now available!

Now you are able to shoot the inexpensive .22LR cartridge with this kit enabling more practice with the rifle at a much lower cost. Also now you are able to use your left-handed Stag Arms at indoor ranges, perfect for winter training or when access to an outdoor range is limited.

The conversion kit is constructed of stainless steel, and compatible with both our direct gas and piston operated rifles.

The conversion kit features: steel extractor pin, stainless steel firing pin with a captured spring, cotter pin in the bolt that retains firing pin, forward assist adapter, buffer retaining relief cut, chamber adapter for easy live round extraction.

The conversion kit retails for $220 and comes with one 25 round magazine. Also available in right-handed configuration at the same price.

I haven’t tried out any of these drop-in .22 AR kits, but I’ve talked to a few who have and the reports have been generally positive. My guess is that the Stag kit is as good as anyone’s. With ammo prices hanging up where they are, the chance to get a little AR trigger time at rimfire costs seems like a great option.

Do readers prefer adapters such as this one? Or would you rather have dedicated .22 AR-style gun?

One thought on “Stag Arms .22 Conversion Kit”

  1. I’ve not tried one of these conversion kits, but from what I hear, the .003 difference in bullet diameter (22lr vs .223) plus the difference in twist rate limits the accuracy when firing 22lr out of your AR.

    So I opted to get a dedicated 22lr rifle. Didn’t get an AR-style one, but rather a Marlin 60.

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