Feedback on Florida Iguana Hunting

Over at Murdoc Online, I’ve been subjected to all sorts of harassment, ignorant commentary, and uninformed drivel about politics and the war. Here at GunPundit, though, most commenters are surprisingly rational. Sure, a few wackos chime in every now and then, but it’s mostly pretty solid conversation and reasonable debate.

iguana in the crosshairs

Except for the posts on hunting invasive species, especially Florida iguanas. Here are a few for your entertainment.

A while back I got this one on a post about iguanas:

As an iguana owner I would like to shoot you in the head at close range and shoot your dog and cat with guns what kind of pathetic a$$hole are you anyway. Go home to your trailer, trash.

Or this one:

OMG!!! I cannot believe what I am reading. As a wildlife rehabilitator and a rescuer and keeper of reptiles, including iguanas, I am absolutely infuriated! May the herds of iguanas you are hunting retaliate against you and leave you rotting and dying in a ditch in hell!! You bastards!

Because, yeah, feral invasive lizards attacking people would convince humans to stop hunting them.


stop bitchin its not the igaunas fault that their homeland (Florida) has been over populated by people

Hah. “Their homeland.” It’s like all those idiots who equate illegal aliens in the US with the immigrants that came through Ellis Island. That no makey the sensey.

Then there was this one that I simply had to completely edit due to the unacceptable nature of the comment. I think I’ve only deleted or edited about 8 or 10 comments in over seven years of blogging (and several of those were by the same idiot) so just be assured that if Murdoc felt the need to change it, it was pretty rough. But here’s a bit of the original:

you stupid fu[$$]ing human filth, you just dont get it do you. you should kill yourself instead…all I got to say is, if I ever see or find one of you ignorint fu[$$]s killing and not eating them… the gun aint goin to be pointing at the iguana but, You, and, it anint goin to be know BB gun… more like 40 cal.. so watch yourself and what the fu[$$] your doin because, there’s more people out there like me. waiting.

Left by someone calling himself ‘Mutant,’ and who am I to argue with his description of himself?

And this one just came in from Jennifer:

I am an iguana lover and seeing that picture of you with a dead iguana makes me sick.I hope you rot in hell.Dont worry asshole carma will give you all you deserve and more,hope to see you strung up by your balls with someone holding you up with a smile on their face while you suffer and die.

Thanks, Jennifer. I appreciate your feedback. It’s always nice to hear from the adoring public. A point of clarification: That isn’t me in the photo, it’s Terry Gibson from a story in Outdoor Life. Here’s a photo of the iguana without Terry in it.

Ah, comments on iguana posts. The gift that just keeps on giving.

Anyway, Murdoc wouldn’t mind getting in on the iguana hunting. And, as it’s in Florida with air guns, it sounds fun for the whole family.


  1. Good grief, these people are nuts. It’s not like you are hunting people’s pets. As someone who has lived in the country and had to kill feral dogs and cats, I completely understand hunting feral iguanas. BTW, before anyone calls me a heartless SOB, I also do trap-neuter-release program for feral cats and feed a feral cat colony in my backyard. However, when any animal population gets out of hand it needs to be culled. Part of the reason I do the TNR for cats is that it prevents other feral cats from moving in. I also rescue a couple of litters every year and find the kittens good homes.

  2. I am willing to bet that the heavy complainers think the iguanas are all small, cute and green. Living here in SoFla I can attest that some suckers are HUGE and I would be afraid to drive over them with my car for fear of damaging the undercarriage.
    PS: To the racist-mongers out there, some sections of the local latino population hunt them for not only their meat but specifically target females for their eggs that are supposed to be a delicacy.

  3. I am constantly amazed at how people miss that we’re not talking about their pets when we’re talking about eliminating invasive non-native species here in FL. Of course, they often miss the “non-native” part with depressing regularity too.

    Same line of drivel came up when those licenses to hunt pythons came up last year.

    I guess displacing native wildlife, and possibly causing its extinction, is better because they happen to own an example of the interloping species?

    Never mind that we likely wouldn’t have an iguana or python problem to begin with if so many people had not released their pet out into the wild in the first place.

  4. Bram: I just threw up a little.

    That would DEFINITELY be censored. I don’t claim that my sites are “family friendly,” but even the mere thought of pictures of…

    Damn, I just threw up a little more.

  5. Sounds like perfect targets to train on. Also, they’re a bunch of idiots.

    Bram. You’re sick. I like you. XD

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