Brave But Under-Armed

Fla. school board shooting captured on video

Thankfully, no one was hurt in this incident. Well, besides the jackass who killed himself. Luckily, he was able to hit at least one of his targets.

Watching the video, it seems to me that he either missed intentionally or he didn’t quite believe in his mission and couldn’t quite get it done. Maybe looking for a suicide-by-cop?

How about this:

Before the shooting started, the only woman on the five-member board — who had left the room as ordered — came back, sneaked up behind Duke and whacked his gun arm with her large, brown purse.

You can see her in the video. She had the drop on him but used a purse instead of something that would maybe work. As she had been sent out of the room, you’d think she would have grabbed something (anything) else from the hall or a nearby room. Still, major thumbs up for courage and the willingness to do something. She’s lucky he didn’t really seem to want to kill anyone, though, because it would have been all over pretty quick for her if he had.

An armed security guard opened fire (and missed) after the jackass started shooting.

SWAT stormed the place after everything was all over.

The jackass Clay Duke was apparently a big V For Vendetta fan and was an ex-con. They should make it illegal for ex-felons to buy guns in Florida.


  1. The security guard did not miss. I would watch the videos a few more times. You can clearly see him get hit. Also, don’t be so quick to criticize a security guard, he is a retired police officer.

    1. You are right. I misspoke. The security guard did, in fact, hit. And then the jackass shot himself.

      My initial understanding had been that after the guard opened fire, the jackass shot himself. I hadn’t realized the guard scored some hits first. Thanks.

      And I wasn’t criticizing the security guard.

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