McMillan M3A

McMillan M3A Rifle
McMillan M3A Rifle

Via the Outdoor Wire:

The McMillan M3A has an 18″ barrel and utilizes a six-groove rifling with 1×10 right hand twist. The action is Springfield M1A chambered in 7.62 NATO (.308 Win). The adjustable cheekpiece on the McMillan M3A stock positions the head for an optimum cheek weld. The stock is designed to shoot with a scope as well as iron sights. An optional Picatinny site rail system with 10 ¾” bottom rail and 2×4″ side rails is available for mounting night vision optics, forward mounted scopes and other accessories. The M3A uses a two stage military trigger set at five to six pounds.

One-ten round magazine is included. Accessories and upgrades are available, including scope, bipod, cleaning equipment, cases and other options.

According to Ryan McMillan, vice president of McMillan Firearms, “The M3A rifle when coupled with the popular McMillan fiberglass tactical stock system is a multipurpose tool for military and law enforcement needs.”

Murdoc doesn’t have an M1A/M14 rifle and wishes he did.

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  1. It’s not completely horrible looking, and it IS semi-auto, not bolt action like the new Gunsite Scout rifle… but I just don’t feel the love.

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