Pizza Hut gives driver the pepperoni

Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut delivers pink slip to employee held at gunpoint

James William Spiers III, first mentioned here for using a gun to defend himself from a premeditated ambush, has been fired by Pizza Hut now that media attention has died down. He violated company policy by carrying a hand gun. Good thing, too.

Here’s a letter to the editor on the subject:

I am writing in response to the article in the April 19 paper about the Pizza Hut delivery driver who was victim of a robbery attempt. I am specifically concerned with the comments made by state Sen. Brad Zaun calling for a boycott of Pizza Hut.

While not impugning the integrity of this specific delivery person, I don’t want armed individuals coming to my door when they make a delivery, whether for Pizza Hut or any other company. I would rather have Zaun working to eliminate the situations that may lead a delivery driver to feel the need to carry a weapon.

I think we would all be better served if Zaun devoted his energies to solving problems rather than suggesting a boycott of a legitimate business.

Again, like Dave Musgrove in his Russian Roulette column, we get a bunch of “there must be something better than letting citizens defend themselves,” which is ridiculous on it’s face. Then no specific examples of this wonderful “something” are forthcoming.

Incidentally, the decision to wait until the spotlight passed on just shows how cowardly these guys are. Can’t really, blame them, of course. If I ran a company that fired a guy for violating a policy that put his life in danger, I wouldn’t want people to know about it, either.

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