Campus Carry

Students, Guns and Politics:

New legislation in Arizona, Texas, Florida, Nebraska, New Mexico and Oklahoma would legalize the “concealed carry” of weapons on college campuses, and many student governments in those states are mobilizing against the bills. Meanwhile, the few other campuses that already allow weapons are waiting to see whether this year marks a real shift in gun policy, or is just another short-lived reaction to a tragedy.

Knee-jerk reactions are rarely good in the long term. And knee-jerk reactions that restrict freedoms are, IMHO, practically indefensible. And critics who try to use Virginia Tech as an example of why concealed carry should be banned on college campuses are either clueless or lying, because concealed carry was banned on the VT campus at the time of the shootings.

One thought on “Campus Carry”

  1. I was a college student once… college students aren’t all that different from 12 year olds. Here’s the thing, a person still needs to be 21 to buy & carry, right? So at least there won’t be 17 – 20 year olds running around campus packing invisible heat (er, other than youthful exuberance & libido that is). At a guess, a third of a college campus’ daily population is 21 or over; mostly staff or grad students, no?

    I’ve been both. Typical college staff, scholarly or admin or facilities, are pretty solid – sure there are quirky ones in there, but even the nutty or wild professors are pretty staid; they have to be to keep their jobs. The next most reserved thing to an accountant is a college administrator. Grad students are pretty stable too, because again, they have to be. So most of the folks who could legally carry on campus, are going to be pretty reliable types. But being that, the majority of them actually _won’t_ carry.

    So how many people would actually be carrying? Not that many. It might even be such a small number that it’s effectively, on a daily basis, negligible. These are the kinds of things the rabble-rousing rah-rahs don’t think about. Well, er, I guess they don’t think; they just want to make some noise.

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