MasterPiece Arms Protector Upgrades

MasterPiece Arms 380 Protector
MasterPiece Arms 380 Protector with grip extension and new stainless steel trigger.

In the inbox:

MasterPiece Arms, manufacturers of MAC 10 and the MPA Protector Series pistols are now shipping all Protector pistols with new enhancements for greater grip confidence and trigger feel. The new Protector Grip Extension is an American made magazine floorplate made from durable composite that provides the shooter with a more comfortable grip. The Grip Extension will now be standard on all Protector models, as well as, the traditional flat magazine floorplate. With the new Grip Extension, MPA has also designed the magazine catch to manage the additional downward force required by the new grip extension. Another enhancement to the incredibly small and accurate Protector series is the Rev B Trigger made from stainless steel. The improved profile affords the shooter a smoother, more comfortable and controlled trigger pull.

For customers that have previously purchased Protector pistols and would like to receive the newest pistol enhancements, MasterPiece Arms is offering an Upgrade Kit for $20 that includes a new trigger, grip extension, the newly designed magazine catch and includes shipping.

MSRP for the MPA32 and MPA380 in black is $322.90. MSRP for both with a stainless steel upper is $345.90.

Check out the Protector line (new models not yet listed) at MPA.