Wyoming’s Elimination of Carry Permits Moves Forward

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Wyo. House panel backs concealed-carry bill

The House Travel, Recreation, Wildlife and Cultural Resources Committee voted 8-1 Friday in favor of the bill, sponsored by Casper Republican Senator Kit Jennings. It already has cleared the Senate and now goes to the full House.

They added an amendment that makes it illegal to carry while intoxicated.

3 thoughts on “Wyoming’s Elimination of Carry Permits Moves Forward”

  1. As a former Wyoming resident, I am quite happy with this development, but am forced to ask why this is such a difficult concept to grasp? Every state should have a law like this. The second amendment does not stipulate between concealed and unconcealed weapons. Why do our legislators now think they can legislate restrictions on the Constitution. I know, I know…it’s the same fight that has been waged since our country began, but it seems silly. Why does common sense seem to be in such short supply?

  2. I am a current Wyoming resident and LEO. I wholeheartedly support this bill and hope it passes. I emailed my two state senators about supporting this bill and haven’t heard back from them yet, which is a little concerning. Some of my fellow LEOs have expressed trepidation about this bill, but I see it as a “No Brainer”. We already assume folks we stop are armed, this is Wyoming, and I relax a little on traffic stops when I run someone’s license and it comes back they have a CCW. It means they are a law abiding citizen and I have less to worry about.

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