Student Expelled For Having Tattoo Gun Tool

Zero Sense Policy at work:

Instead of reporting to school each morning, 15-year-old Byron Preston is reporting for work in his father’s barber shop and nail salon. Byron was expelled from Laurel High School three months ago. He was found with a device called a “tattoo gun” in his possession.

A tattoo gun fires no bullets or other projectiles. Like a solder gun or a caulking gun, it is a tool.

“They said it was a weapon because it could inflict bodily harm,” explained the high school sophomore, who added he had no intention of tattooing himself or anyone else. Byron said he just wanted to practice tattooing on pieces of fruit.

P.G. Student Expelled For Having Tattoo Gun Tool:


  1. “Any tool or instrument capable of inflicting bodily harm.”
    So are they going to outlaw the use of pens, pencils, and for that matter books?

    I like how he says “known on the internet as a tattoo gun.” as if it isn’t know by that term anywhere else, only on the internet.
    A tattoo gun has more in common with a sewing machine than anything used to fling projectiles.

  2. These people are just mind numbed robots. If the object has G U N in it, they just open up the manual and do as instructed. Everything is codified so no individual takes responsibly. It’s one huge Circle Jerk

  3. Maybe they should expel the football team…all the Linebackers and O Linemen walking around with a pair of “guns” under their shirts…with hands attached to one end and a shoulder at the other…they might get caught when the cheerleaders say, “hey get a look at the quarterback’s guns!”

    definitely capable of inflicting bodily harm!

  4. “Byron said he just wanted to practice tattooing on pieces of fruit.”

    Well, pieces of fruit are also weapons – if used properly. So are fingernails. CanĀ“t have that.

  5. Why did he bring the tat machine …Gun to school. If he has that much time to play tat artist during school hours more educational class’s should be put into place. Perhaps class’s on respecting the Rules of the establishment…..

    More to this story then said. Look at the orange, does that pic say he knows anything about giving tats…….

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