Switchblades in Maine

Maine legalizing switchblades for one-armed people

Maine lawmakers on Wednesday approved legalizing switchblades for people with one arm, moving close to becoming the first state to make such an exception to laws that ban use of the spring-action knives.

Backers of the measure say legalizing switchblades would eliminate a need for one-armed people to be forced to open folding knives with their teeth in emergencies.

The bill to allow amputees and other one-armed people to carry the quick-opening knives cleared Maine’s Senate on Wednesday after passing the House on Tuesday, Senate officials said.

Personally, I’ve never seen the issue with switchblades. I think it’s just another “Oh, no…those are scary!” issues.

Regardless, this move makes sense and I hope it gets other states to follow suit.

One thought on “Switchblades in Maine”

  1. I bought one in 1957 at a shop in lower-Manhattan.

    I still remember it had a blade about 4-inches long and a “fake” pearl handle.

    I was the envy of my high school friends.

    Don’t know if they were legal then or not.

    But anything was possible in NYC then and i suppose still is.

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