OC Contacts

At PoliceOne.com: 8 tips on contacts with ‘open carry’ citizens

Here’s a nugget:

As with concealed carry, there seems to be a lot of hypothetical rhetoric in regards to threat situations of “what could happen?” versus “what does history show us has happened?” Is there a heightened state of criminal activity associated with open carry versus concealed carry versus no carry (other than the obvious firearms violation for school zone or whatnot)?

The answer appears to be “not really.” Regardless of opinions or beliefs, there is not a spike in criminal activity associated with merely carrying a firearm. The same is true of concealed carry. It is always the intent of the person, not the firearm, that matters.

And the writer then goes on to list eight practical tips and strategies to use when officers encounter individuals who are open carrying. Followed by a sensible side-note to citizens who OC.

One thing I take issue with is tip #2:

Understand that — as with any belief that people feel strongly about — open carry is a form of political protest.

Well, it MIGHT be a form of political protest. But it might just be someone doing what he or she is allowed to do. Black voters going to the polls in Alabama are not people making a political protest.

All in all, though, a good article.