In fact, my best friend is an iguana

iguana in the crosshairs

Murdoc continues to be amused by the reaction his old posts on hunting Florida iguanas are getting. Here’s another good one:

While Iguanas are not native to Florida, we have no right to be slaughtering them like this. First of all, you can’t effectively erradicate a species from an area too easily. Mankind in its path of destruction has killed off species in the past, but it requires alot more than a couple of hill billies with pellet guns to do so.

A “couple of hill billies with pellet guns” cannot “effectively erradicate a species,” yet they are “slaughtering them”?

With all the species we have introduced to Florida, its next to impossible to perserve the ecosystem there at this point anyway. Its depressing I know, but nature has a way of bouncing back from disasters. METEORS HAVE HIT THIS PLANET AND THERE ARE STILL LIVING CREATURES HERE!!!! In a few million years, the imported creatures in Florida will become part of that ecosystem as other creatures adapt and evolve to deal with them. I say let it happen, stop trying to prevent what can’t be stopped.

So I’m sure the commenter would agree that it’s pointless to stop polluting the atmosphere or trying to clean up industrial waste dumped into rivers. BP dumping oil into the Gulf? “Let it happen, stop trying to prevent what can’t be stopped.” In a few million years, what difference will a little oil in the water make, anyway? Mother Earth is tough, you hill billie:


(Murdoc only used three exclamation points instead of the five used in the commenter’s version. Five seemed over the top.)

So when it all boils down, what I’m saying is that I think we should just leave this mess alone.

Yeah. We got that.

I personaly think that you lowly, pathetic creatures, should I even call you human, are using this as an excuse to murder these beautiful animals. This horrifying brutallity that you people call a “Sport” makes me want to vomit out the deepest contents of my digestive system. I’ve always loved iguanas in particular. I’m fascinated by them really. In fact, my best friend is an iguana, a very loyal, trusting pet. Seeing one of these marvelous creatures dead in your arms… There are no words to describe the burning hatred I have for you, sir. You and all your trashy friends who have brought death to these animals. I hope multiple tornados come to decimate your trailer park. May you be tormented for eternity in the deepest, most vile pit in hell!

This last bit seems sort of tacked on. Like suddenly they decided to abandon their logical attack (such as it was) and begin the passive-aggressive trifecta of name calling, bleeding heart pleas for peace and love, and hopes for the violent death of those who advocate violence.

Obviously, the biggest disconnect seems to be the fact that the commenters calling for the violent deaths of those who hunt feral iguana don’t seem to get the idea that it’s not pet iguanas we’re talking about. Just like those folks who are in favor of illegal immigration from Mexico because America was founded by immigrants.

Murdoc needs to remind himself that iguana lovers who post on GunPundit are probably NOT a fair representation of the typical iguana lover. Dear Lord, he hopes they aren’t…

Good for a laugh, anyway. Carry on.


  1. Being an internet junkie from very nearly the beginning, going back to BBS days (yes, before the web), I can’t help but notice that a lot of these kinds of posts, perhaps the majority, are like drive by shootings; some addled-headed delinquent speeds by indiscriminately spraying the place with vitriol as if busting caps from an AK-47.

    Never mind that they maybe got the wrong targets, the wrong address, or even the wrong neighborhood, never mind that their intent and message is incomprehensible and mind-numbingly irrational – they proved something & got their ya-yas off. Which leads me to wonder (but not for very long) just how many of these posters are, like, fourteen years old…

  2. These are quickly becoming my favorite Murdoc posts….guess I’m one of your trashy friends.

  3. I have a question…. Do iguanas taste like chicken? Or are they more like squirrel?


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