Women help fuel demand for concealed gun permits

Murdoc’s home state of Michigan:

Most women would not have thought to carry a gun even five years ago, said Andrea Durhal. When she became a National Rifle Association certified instructor eight years ago, her classes were mostly men. Recently, women have started to fill her classes.

It took a few years for women to get over a fear of guns and take responsibility for their protection, she said.

“We’re being victimized; we’re being raped. The crimes are getting higher and the police departments are less and less,” she said. “People are realizing now that they need to be their own security.”

Murdoc’s got to say, however, that the picture of the pink Ruger in the article makes him cringe. Seriously. Can we just get over all that and agree that women are just regular shooters?

Below is a Michigan county-by-county graphic. Murdoc is surprised that the number for Kent County (which contains Grand Rapids) is not higher.

Womens' CCW by county in Michigan
Womens' CCW by county in Michigan
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