The Will Must Come First

Home Invasion Ends When The Shotgun Is Deployed

An invader broke into an Iowa Congressman’s house, attacked his daughter, and demanded money. The Congressman counterattacked with his bare hands.

Consider, for a moment, that Rep. Leonard Boswell is 77 years old, but he still tried to go hand-to-hand with the armed felon. Brass balls on that one, even though it must be admitted that the criminal was attacking the man’s daughter at the time.

The Congressman’s grandson got a shotgun and the invader fled. It sounds like he hasn’t been apprehended.

When seconds count, seconds count. All the weapons in the world are no good without the will to fight, and sometimes you have to fight with whatever you have. Which might be nothing.

Good on the Congressman for doing what he had to, and good on the grandson for bringing artillery to bear ASAP.

2 thoughts on “The Will Must Come First”

  1. Sounds like the classic “I’m old and expendable, you’re young and run faster so, I’ll distract him by punch him in the nose, while you go get the shotgun.”
    Golf claps all around.

    1. Yeah. When it comes to those we love, especially kids, a lot of us will probably decide “I’m old and expendable” if forced with the decision. At least we hope we have the stones to decide and act when it comes down to it.

      And I think all of us making that decision won’t be disappointed if the cavalry shows up with superior firepower.

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