‘It was a freak accident’

Man holding pit bull when shot, son says

A neighbor’s pit bull apparently jumped the fence and threatened some kids, but then it got weird:

[Robert] Walker Sr. threw a brick at the dog while his wife quickly escorted her grandchildren into the house. She retrieved a .38-caliber revolver and returned outside, where she found her her husband holding the barking pit bull with both hands. Walker Sr. and the pit bull were face to face with the dog’s back to Betty Walker.

Betty Walker fired two shots, the first striking her husband in the upper right chest. The second bullet struck the dog’s left front leg.

Walker died of his wounds.

According to the story, the threat to the kids was “pulled on a shirt tail.”

Why would you shoot at a dog being held by your husband?

This whole thing, at least from this coverage, seems a bit fishy.

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