Plan to put Baltimore ammo sellers out of business

Baltimore Mayoral Candidate Campaigns On $1 per Bullet Tax!


Rolley told a reporter that the tax would curb random shootings, especially around the holidays, by making it too expensive for people to indiscriminately discharge firearms.

That’s so funny Murdoc just about blew milk out his nose. And Murdoc’s not even drinking milk right now.

If this were to go through, all it would do is send ammo buyers outside the city. Duh. No one would ever buy another single round within the tax zone.

It would have no impact on crime at all. Duh.

3 thoughts on “Plan to put Baltimore ammo sellers out of business”

  1. You don’t get it. It’s not about reducing crime or doing anything, you know, effective. It’s about sending a message, it’s about doing SOMETHING, he’ll anything, to demonstrate that this tool is more antigun – and therefor better than the next GFW.

  2. The possibility of doing life in prison or the death penalty is not enough of a disincentive to stop people from committing murder, but the extra 15 bucks for a pistol mag’s worth of ammo will?

    It’s not just the worthless feel-good nature of these laws that annoy me, but the fact that they are completely idiotic on their face and people still run with it.

  3. This law would have the desired effect: It runs ammo sellers out of town on a rail.

    “safety” is just a bullshit codeword for peasant control.

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