One thought on “That was pretty stupid”

  1. “Another case of “accidentally” really meaning “negligently.”” The use of the word accidentally in the article was probably 100 percent correct, as the probably woman did not shoot the firearm on purpose. If not done purposefully it was done accidentally. Whether or not it was an accidental act, it can still be a negligent act on her part, or she could be completely free of blame. Negligent goes toward fault, accidental goes toward lack of purpose.

    In this case may well have been caused by not only the shooter but by the maker of the firearm, the maker of similar cigarette lighters (similiar to a firearm), and the person who left the gun where it was found. Regardless of whom may be found at fault, the truth is that accidental and negligent are two very different, albeit often associated, terms with very different meanings but that are almost always confused by those who are firearms enthusiasts.

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