Bad Wolf-Dog!

New Maine Law Aims To Eliminate Wolf-Dog Hybrids

The law prohibits people from acquiring wolf hybrids without a special wildlife-in-captivity permit, and it requires current owners to have the animals neutered.

Supporters of the law say wolf hybrids have been responsible for numerous brutal attacks around the country, particularly against children. Wolf hybrids are predatory and should be in the wild, said state Sen. David Trahan, who sponsored the bill that outlaws them.

One thought on “Bad Wolf-Dog!”

  1. Oh for pete’s sake; it’s a dog. A dog is a dog. Take any given “bad” dog, and you’ll find a bad master.

    In my neck of the woods when I was a kid, Wisconsin and Minnesota, I knew folks with children who had actual wolves as pets; they were fine. Raised from cubs among humans and other dogs; they were behaviorally indistinguishable from dogs. I’ve also known people with Huskies and Alsatians that were a darn sight more wolf-like.

    The level of timorous fear-mongering put out by these quaking sheep is ridiculous. The most dangerous and rapacious predator on the planet is THEM: humans. When was the last time a bunch of dogs blew up a bus?

    And if you wanna understand the root cause of tragic accidents involving children; look at the parents. Treat the cause, not the symptom. And if you want to eliminate fear from a society, don’t let the fearful get anywhere near being in charge…

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