We must keep BR55-M45 and M90A assault weapons off the street!

Some third-grader writing about the definition of assault weapons in California uses images from Rambo and (I shit you not) the Halo video game.

Assault weapons are dangerous. Just look:

Halo Weapons
Halo Weapons used for examples of 'assault weapons'

I mean, why would anyone even NEED an MA4B-APTR? Are they going to go duck hunting with an M8 SMG? Thomas Jefferson certainly didn’t have the BR55-SS in mind when he wrote the Constitution.


What an idiot. I guess this is what passes for journalism in SF Weekly.

Via Thirdpower.

4 thoughts on “We must keep BR55-M45 and M90A assault weapons off the street!”

  1. Other than this guy being really, really stupid, the only other conclusion is that it’s an attempt at parody. There’s so much wrong with it, it’s pretty much point by point parody, in which case, is it the author’s intent to get antis to parrot these points, and thereby make them look foolish? Which would be funny, but not very helpful.

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