Willfully Ignorant

Antis, Once Again, Conveniently Using Their Own Facts

The Second Amendment was written at a time when the United States was little more than jungle with bandits, savage Indians and wild animals that we needed to protect ourselves from. Yes, and to hunt food. We have long outgrown that kind of life.

That is all true.

But none of it has anything to do with WHY the Second Amendment was written.

2 thoughts on “Willfully Ignorant”

  1. Now you know why the schools are not teaching English. The ability to parse a sentence, at the most rudimentary level, would destroy the entire progressive movement. The well regulated militia is not for sporting or self defensive purposes, it is to prevent a president from becoming a dictator. THAT is why it is essential to the maintenance of a free state.

  2. Something that doesn’t get enough mention is that in the USA of 1787 there were likely just as many ignorant blowhards are there are now; er, per capita, let’s say, which is why the 2A is embedded in the Constitution as a right, and not a recommendation.

    In their wisdom, the Founding Fathers and drafters of the Constitution probably recognized there would always be mouthy know-nothings, so they clad these ideas in a bit more armor to withstand the slings and arrows and hot air of, well, idiots.

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