‘He wasn’t a good shooter’

Manager recounts shooting in West Palm Beach grocery

On Monday afternoon, Grant and [manager Marino] Hernandez argued after he tried to enter the store through the exit.

“I said, ‘You know what? Take your business elsewhere,'” Hernandez said.

Grant then drew a handgun. Assistant manager Roberto Espinal, behind a side counter, drew his gun. When Grant turned that way, Hernandez pulled his gun.

It was 5 p.m., and the store was jammed with customers, loading up for dinner on their way home, who hadn’t counted on a three-way standoff.

Grant made the first move. He backed out of the store and started firing.

Shoot people? Because he couldn’t enter through the exit?

It will be interesting to learn if this guy has a concealed carry permit. If he does, you know this will get held up as an example of an armed citizen “just losing it.” The article states that one of the charges against Grant was “carrying a concealed firearm,” so I’d guess he didn’t have a permit.

Luckily, he was such a lousy shot that the store managers didn’t have to take him down to protect themselves or their customers.

Not sure that I’d be willing to take the chance that he wouldn’t get lucky, though. I’d probably feel I’d have to end the confrontation immediately.