Venison That Glows

Oak Ridge’s 2011 deer harvest: 321 taken (3 too hot to take home)

The third and final deer hunt of 2011 on the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge reservation was held over the weekend, and 80 deer were taken.

That brings the total for the three weekend hunts to 321 deer — 177 bucks and 144 does, according to info provided by Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Of that total, three deer were retained at the checking station because they had too much radioactive contamination, the lab said.

So if a buck has two 4-point heads, is it an 8-point?

Via Instapundit.

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  1. Ha ha glowing deer,,,,i was conceived and born in a tent at the oak ridge facility,,,,is that why my body glows,,or is it the jack daniels and miller lite…..i am really sorry to hear that it a problem,,truly!!!

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