Wisconsin swamped by concealed-carry applications

Wisconsin residents have overwhelmed the state Justice Department with so many concealed weapon permit applications agency officials say they probably won’t meet deadlines for issuing approvals this month despite pulling dozens of employees from other tasks to help.

A state law that allows Wisconsin residents to carry concealed weapons went into effect Nov. 1. Under the law, state residents 21 or older who submit $50 to the Justice Department, pass an agency background check and prove they have received some firearms training can obtain a permit to carry. The law requires the agency to process applications received before Nov. 30 within 45 days. Any applications received after that date must be processed within 21 days.

5 thoughts on “Swamped”

  1. It’ll be interesting to see what the consequences are a year or two down the line, of so many Wisconsinites with CCW. Any idea which state has the highest population of CCW licensees, how long that’s been the case, and what the results have been?

    One of the things we’re very bad at, as human beings, is projecting consequences from complex issues, which not to say in any respect that CCW is bad (I’m all for it), but the rule of unintended consequences dictates we really have no idea what this will mean for society.

    If there’s a state where, say, one in a hundred citizens might be carrying, and it’s been that way for ten years, or more – and there’s no noticeable effect, then that’s very interesting. Let’s say that with 1 in 100 carrying, walking down a busy downtown street on a Saturday afternoon for fifteen or twenty minutes may mean you’ve been in proximity of a concealed firearm ten times, or more…

    1. My state of Michigan just passed the 10-year anniversary of switching to shall-issue from may-issue. No noticeable affect other than gun crime is down.

      The local paper, pretty much anti-gun, ran a week-long series of front-page stories marking the anniversary. Their big issue was that not all the paperwork always gets properly filed.

      I can live with that.

  2. BTW, the population of Wisconsin, by the 2k10 census, was ~ 5.7 million; that means if all the 64,800+ of the people who signed up for it get their CCW, that’s a tad over 1%. I thought my 1 in 100 example was high, but guess not.

    1. Yeah, but in practice only a small percentage of permit holders will actually carry frequently.

      My guess is that permit holders who read sites like this one will argue that they personally carry a lot, and that’s fine. But only a few thousand of that 64,000 who applied in Wisconsin probably intend to.

      I’ve always held the position that concealed carry permits don’t really do much to increase the number of guns “on the street.” Some of the good guys and all of the bad guys (broad terms) already carry whether it’s legal or not. Adding permits will bump up the number of good guys who carry, or increase the number of times that they carry, but I don’t think it has a huge impact on the number of times citizens are around guns without knowing it. I’m just pulling numbers out of the air, here, but even if 5,000 of those 64,000 intend to carry frequently, I’ll bet 1,000 or 1,500 of them ALREADY carry frequently.

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