Girls and Guns, 1922 Edition

1922 Girls and Guns

November 2, 1922. Washington, D.C. “Girls’ rifle team, Central High.” National Photo Company Collection glass negative.

What’s with resting the rifle on the left-hand fingers? Just to pose for the photo? Or is/was that an accepted shooting stance?

From Shorpy.

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  1. By extending the fingers, you effectively make your arm longer, allowing for a more solid hookup betwixt arm and body. This tends to work fairly well for people of reduced stature- less height means shorter arms.

  2. Accepted shooting stance for offhand: rest elbow on hip, feet shoulder width apart, rest rifle on left finger tips, adjust muzzle elevation by finger spread. You’ll see that same stance at rifle metallic silhouette matches today.

  3. Yep, its the offhand position used in high-power rifle, 3-position, 4-position. Extend your fingers and make a V with the thumb on the opposite side. Rest the forearm of the rifle on top of the thumb, index and middle fingers. It gets a bit tiring, especially on a 10-pound+ rifle on your fingers. Thats one technique, another is by wearing a shooting glove, make a fist and lay the rifle on top of the fist. I prefer the palm rest, but you can’t do that on service rifles.

  4. Cool picture, lots of personality in those faces. I don’t see many cheating, violent, or even uppity husbands in their futures. Except for #2- she looks like she’ll be using her skills on a succession of losers. I believe the current DC high school girl’s shooting activities are somewhat more individually based. And instead of Winchester single shot muskets, they use Lorcin and Raven products.

  5. They also hadn’t learned to keep the finger off the trigger until ready to shoot!

    The ‘Keep your finger off the trigger until you’re on target’ rule didn’t even exist until the mid 1980’s.

  6. Staghounds, I figured the current DC girl’s shooting team was using opium products.

  7. Murdoc, FWIW, that same finger-tip position was taught to me back in the 60’s by the Daisy BB Gun instructors. My team ended up taking 2nd place in the State Championships. I still have the trophy.

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