Parents these days…

Via Uncle: Parents outraged that one of their daughter’s spelling words is “gun”:

Many parents are concerned about gun violence, so Lawrence Gillman almost hit the ceiling when his 5-year-old pulled out a surprising homework sheet.

“I looked at it and I seen the word ‘gun’ on it. The first thing I thought was ‘oh no no no,’ I don’t want you reading it, I don’t want you spelling it. I don’t even want you looking at the picture,” said Gillman.

Once you stop laughing at this idiot and think about it for a second, you’ll see the stupidity in his insistence that his daughter never even learn what a gun is.

How can she never touch one? She has no idea what that thing is.

How can she do whatever a criminal with a gun tells her to? He’s just holding some odd-looking thing; maybe it’s an iPhone6.

Isn’t she going to wonder what all those loud noises are in movies and television shows? “Daddy, why did those bad guys just lie down?” “Because they’re tired, honey.”

The mom’s got the best bit, though:

“You’re teaching them that guns are okay because you’re putting it in their homework, you’re teaching them that robbing is okay because you’re putting it in their homework,” said Takiema Reynolds, the girl’s mother.

Takiema needs to realize that just because you learn how to spell a word does not imply approval.

The teacher had to apologize for using that worksheet and the school is now going to monitor things so nothing similar happens in the future.

Parents: Get your kids out of public school if you can at all manage it.

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  1. So despite the sad and unavoidable conclusion that these people are clear examples of what I call the Disneyland Reality Delusion (I hope that’s self-explanatory), I’m not sure why the word “gun” needs to be on a 5 year old’s homework vocabulary list. That does seem odd to me.

    Even though it’s back in the dim mists of paleolithic time, I don’t recall it being on any of mine in, say, first grade; there are some concepts and words you just pick up, and I think “gun” is one of those. There’s very little need to put it in a syllabus of any kind until you start talking about history.

    I look back on Dick & Jane, for example, nothing about guns there, but you do see them in Dr. Seuss and other children’s fare, like Curious George, and such. I think it’s fine to have the concept arise naturally out of those kinds of sources, and TV & film of course, or in education about current affairs.

    The reaction of these parents is irrational, but I kind of agree that education material vetting probably should have caught this, and not included it; there are other more important, relevant words.

    Responsible attitudes about firearms requires a degree of maturity, and while that can start much earlier than a lot think (I had my first toy gun at 4, made by my grandfather – a carpenter – who taught me respect for guns and hunting), some stuff is just beyond very young kids. And some adults, apparently…

    1. Disagree 100% with the idea that including the word “gun” in spelling list is in any way irresponsible or needs to be monitored. No more than “car,” “cat,” “bat,” or any of a zillion other 3-letter words that are not only common but used as building blocks for other words and spelling concepts.

      They are not “learning about guns.” They’re learning to spell the word “gun.”

      1. I guess I wasn’t clear. In no way was I suggesting there’s some association of responsibility with including, or not including “gun” as a vocabulary word, merely a degree of necessity. Given the number of words a young person needs to learn to spell, it’s not necessary to include gun – as an exercise in directed schooling, because they’ll get it anyway.

        To highlight the inanity of the parents’ reactions, take it to it’s logical conclusion: we shouldn’t include the teaching of history in school, because it has bad things in it like war. We shouldn’t have any references to bad things like disease, crime, social upheaval, natural disasters; we shouldn’t teach logic, because that’s argument, and having arguments is mean… this is beyond sheepishness.

        I submit that what we’re seeing is the rise of the Eloi. Look to H G Wells’ novel “The Time Machine”. In a distant future, part of the human race has devolved to a state of mindless, banal, nearly subhuman mentality entirely focused on blind, childlike happiness. I think a lot of these folks would find that attractive. Never mind that the Eloi get eaten by the Morlock…

  2. BTW, that was the best toy gun ever. My grandfather hand carved a rifle stock, used a broom handle for the barrel, and lathed a rudimentary bolt action receiver; the trigger pulled and clicked. It even had a leather sling. In order to distinguish it from a real youth rifle, he left it unfinished, so it was all blond wood – mostly pine. It was the envy of the neighborhood boys.

  3. Any discussion beyond the function of spelling or use of a proper noun or verb is proof positive that we are doomed as a species.

    End of the world as we know it in 3, 2, 1…

    1. You may be on to something here. Let’s also remove “taxes” and “fair” from their lexicon (for starters), and we’ll be making serious strides towards ending the leftist stupidity.

  4. Hmm, by his logic then we shouldn’t teach kids words like “racism”, or “bigotry” or “rape” or the compound word “date rape”.

    Yeah, there is some real logic going on there.

  5. Teaching synonyms.

    1) Prostitute = Ho
    2) Police officer = pig
    3) Cocaine = crack
    4) The anointed one = Obama

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