News Possible cougar reported at U. of Michigan campus


Campus police and housing security officials searched the area but didn’t find the animal, which was described as a ‚Äúpossible cougar.” The department urged area residents to call police if they spotted the animal. Authorities say they didn’t find any potential cougar tracks during their search.

The last known wild cougar in Michigan was killed in 1906

3 thoughts on “News Possible cougar reported at U. of Michigan campus”

  1. I live in Tucson and have seen “cougars” in my back yard. We call them Mountain lions but whatever. I was talking to a friend that works with the cats at a local zoo. (She taught their male mountain lion how to paint) She told me, “If you’ve been on any mountain trail in southern Arizona for more than 30 minutes, you’ve been seen by a mountain lion. Generally they just avoid humans because they know we are dangerous.”
    If you live near them or they live near you, just have to be watchful when you let your dog outside. They really don’t like dogs and know that dogs don’t carry guns.

  2. I saw the headline and thought it was an older woman who liked college guys. “What does this have to do with guns?”

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