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They say it like it’s a bad thing…

‘Justifiable homicide’ cases double in US

In a story that is pretty much another Zimmerman/Martin rundown, notes that there were 326 justifiable homicides in 2010 compared to 176 in 2000, an increase of 150.

If they’re justifiable, what’s the problem?


  • Squidpuppy says:

    The interesting question is whether crime in those areas affected show a notable reduction, but it might be too soon to compile meaningful statistics. All in all, I totally agree; what’s the problem here? Are they saying all such events (shootings) regardless of circumstance are bad? That’s not rational. Sorry, what was I thinking…

  • Utah CCW says:

    What that tells me is that in 2000 there were 150 people unjustly convicted.

  • Rob says:

    Because it’s “justified” by someone else’s decision, not theirs.

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