Veto in NJ

Christie vetoes gun-control legislation he demanded

Why the change of heart? Christie claimed that the legislation went farther than he wanted by outlawing even current private ownership of the Barrett, which would have required confiscation of those weapons. However, Christie also argued that the Barrett and other weapons in its class has never been tied to crime at all anyway:

“Tellingly, the Legislature points to no instance of this class of firearms being used by even a single criminal in New Jersey,” Christie wrote. “The wide scope of this total ban, therefore, will not further public safety, but only interfere with lawful recreational pastimes.”


  • Greg Tag says:

    The Governor is aware that if he wants to be the Republican nominee in 2016, he MUST moderate his anti-gun views.
    He can now show Second Amendment folks that he truly wants ” common sense” gun laws; when the Legislature brought him legislation that went to far, he vetoed it. He is establishing himself in a middle ground.

    Personally I think he is a pretty good executive, and he has been good for New Jersey. On the other hand, he is not truly committed to the 2nd Amendment in any but the most ” heavily regulated, government grant of privilege” sort of way. I hope he decides to remain as Governor of New Jersey and the Republicans actually run a condidate who is committed to the Second Amendment, such as Rand Paul, Ted Cruz or Rick Perry.

    Will it happen? Who knows- we can only hope and pray.



  • Bram says:

    He has been good for NJ – compared to the awful string of Governors we have had going back 2 decades. But I certainly don’t want him as the next moderate Presidential Republican nominee to lose an election.

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