No Guns Allowed

No-Gun Signs are ‘Disturbing’ to School Officials

Via Instapundit, who writes


No Guns Allowed
No Guns Allowed

While complying with state law isn’t a point of contention, some school administrators find the sticker’s image to be a bit alarming.

“One of my biggest concerns as a principal is safety and security,” Tinley Park High School Principal Theresa Nolan said. “It is bothersome to have to post a sticker of a gun that says, ‘Hey, folks, leave your guns at home.’

“I would have appreciated something more subtle, yet still recognizable — a logo, perhaps, not a gun,” she said

She’s worried that parents will think that the new no-gun signs mean guns used to be allowed. And that seeing the image of the gun will remind people of Sandy Hook.

Seriously. Murdoc’s not making that up.