Gun Rationing in Jersey

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They apparently vote today on NJ Assembly bill A-339, which would limit purchases to one handgun in any 30-day period.

Sebastian outlines the current New Jersey requirements, which are more than a bit burdensome and time-consuming already, and notes:

If requiring this for each and every handgun purchase has not been sufficient to stop criminal trafficking of firearms, it’s beyond insane to believe that adding one more requirement, one that rations the number of purchase permits police may issue, is going to be what does the trick.

This, of course, is not really “beyond insane.” Or, rather, it is certainly “beyond insane” to believe that, but that isn’t what those behind the bill really believe. Gun control activists virtually all have a desired end state of “no guns for anyone anywhere.” Some of them will, maybe, deny it, but most of the leadership of the various is pretty clear about their methodology. They intend to nickel and dime their way to total bans.

They get what they can get when they can get it. Require a license. Require an additional purchase permit. Require this. Require that. Limit the number of guns you can buy. Limit the number of days a week guns can be sold. Limit the locations of gun stores. Limit the places you can carry them. Anything at all to chip away at the freedom to buy and own firearms.

So while it’s beyond insane to expect a one gun a month limit to have an impact on crime, it’s not beyond insane to use such a limit to further restrict lawful gun owners.

Scott Bach:

The criminal misuse of any lawful product is not a function of the number of units sold to honest citizens; it’s a function of how effectively society deals with those who misuse them.

Whoa, there, buddy! Not only allow people who don’t break the law to purchase legal products, but ALSO punish lawbreakers?

Now we’re talking crazy.

UPDATE: It passed 47-28.

2 thoughts on “Gun Rationing in Jersey”

  1. OK, so NJ ‘limits’ you to one gun a month. Then SCOTUS rules gun ownership is an individual right. So everyone is now ENTITLED to one gun a month. Will there be a government program so the pooooooooooor can get a voucher for their one gun a month? And what gun will they be entitled to? I mean a Jennings 25 a month won’t do much good. But handing out Perazzi’s to all the welfare slaves would put an even bigger kink in NJ’s vast budget problem. And in 10 years, everyone will have more guns per person than Texans. And how about ammo? All those guns won’t be any good unless the government gives everyone (the militia) ammo. I might spend my summers in NJ so the state can give me a few new guns. I’ll take an M4 in 6.8SPC and a level 5 Perazzi, thank you very much.

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