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This Just In: Criminals Break the Law

Study Learns Chicago Criminals DON’T Buy Their Guns Legally

The study learned that virtually zero criminals have ever used the internet or gun shows, because that method is easily traceable. It’s much safer for a criminal to acquire firearms on the streets where they’re harder to keep track of, and that’s most criminals method of choice.


Others indicated using “corrupt cops” who seize guns then “put them back on the street.”

This obviously supports the argument that increased regulation on gun purchases will do very little or nothing to reduce gun crime but will infringe on the rights and endanger those who comply with the law and aren’t a problem.

Via Stephen Green at Instapundit, who quips “Studies: What would we do without them?

This concept that those who we need to keep guns away from are exactly those who gun laws will never apply to is such a basic and fundamental truth that Murdoc always feels like an idiot when pointing it out. Telling someone that gun laws won’t deter law breakers feels like explaining something to a five-year-old. A five-year-old who just can’t comprehend what you’re saying.

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  1. Did you hear about the investigative report done on the guns used in Paris attacks? The guns came from the fast and furious program, but of course the government is trying to keep it on the lowdown. You’re right though, it just proves that more regulation will do nothing to the gun crimes today.

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