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Obama’s End Hurts Gun Company Stocks

Donald Trump’s Win Is Punishing Gun Company Stocks

Despite claims that the markets would never recover, the markets are through the roof since early November. But not everyone is seeing big gains from Trump’s huge win.

Gun sales fell last month following the election of Donald Trump as President, and analysts see a clear connection as gun enthusiasts no longer perceive a threat to the Second Amendment the way they did under President Obama—or might have under a President Hillary Clinton.

Shares of American Outdoor Brands, which owns Smith & Wesson, have fallen by 26% since Election Day and shares of Sturm, Ruger, and Co. are down by 16% over the same period, the New York Post reports. Gun background checks performed by the Federal Bureau of Investigations were also down in the month of December, though 2016 marked a record year for the background checks, with 27.5 million performed.

Murdoc has been chided over the years by Lefties who take issue with labeling President Obama as “the greatest gun salesman in history” but the more time that passes, the more obvious the label becomes.

Years of the threats to regulate guns, hints that they may be taken away, and blaming millions and millions of gunw owners for the actions of criminals didn’t reduce sales? Claiming that voters who support the opposition are “clinging” to their guns didn’t convince gun owners to give up their firearms? Hillary’s statements that confiscation programs like Australia’s didn’t sway public opinion against the right keep and bear arms? Surprise.