Walk Away?

Boris Johnson, the mayor of London, has some advice for those who might see a crime being committed or a victim in need of help: “If you see trouble walk away”

Via Jay Tea at Wizbang, who writes:

A city where no one will get involved in helping a neighbor being victimized is a city full of potential victims who can count on getting no help from anyone when they are the victim.

What a sad path Britain appears to be on.

3 thoughts on “Walk Away?”

  1. Yeah, they are headed down the exact same path that Japan walked down many years ago. And what, they hope that their extensive CCTV system will do the job instead of a helpful stranger?

  2. I dunno, I read the article and it seems Boris is encouraging people not to jump into street fights, which sounds like reasonable advice to me. Or maybe he’s channeling The Humungus: ‘Leave the gazoleeen, and walk away.’

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