Friday Gunzookery – 01 Aug 2008

No longer sanctuaries
Linoge gets some comments from someone who was at the Knoxville UU church during the attack.

Why don’t more churches call for gun control?
Who knows? Doesn’t everyone everywhere favor gun control? I know criminals do.

D.C. City Council’s False “Findings” of Facts on Firearms
What? Misrepresenting facts in an anti-gun argument? When did they start doing that?

New Yorkers’ Gun Rights May Rest on Hot Dog Vendor’s Case
The collective right argument used to prosecute gun possession charges in New York should have evaporated in Heller.

Second Amendment News Roundup for 7/31/08
Another fine list of links at The Liberty Sphere.

Rush and the NRA
Limbaugh’s contribution to making the 1st Amendment stick is priceless.

Congress’s Duty to D.C. Residents
Just as with the First Amendment, it matters not a whit whether we reside in the state of Indiana or the District of Columbia. We are protected by the same Bill of Rights. Or Chicago, for that matter.

SCAR Demo Video
I got to try these things out in February. Good stuff.

Skorpion Photos
Nuff said.

Ode to the Toy Tec-9, and a Humiliating Defeat at the Assassination Game
They don’t make toy guns like they used to.

The Natural Right of Self-Defense: Heller’s Lesson to the World
Everyone needs to remember that the right to self-defense is not granted by law, it’s just supposed to be guaranteed by law. The right exists whatever the law says or does not say.

Bi-Partisan Bill Introduced to Restore the Second Amendment Rights of D.C. Residents

Burglary suspect shot while choking homeowner
Didn’t they stop to think how the guy doing the choking felt?

Friday Linkzookery
Lots more links at Murdoc Online.