Cartridges of the World

Murdoc’s buddy Richard Mann is helping out with the upcoming revised edition of Cartridges of the World: A Complete and Illustrated Reference for Over 1500 Cartridges and wants your help:

If you are familiar with previous volumes and would like to complain about mistakes or content, or if you know of any new interesting cartridges that more than two or three hillbillies are using, let me know. No promises but I’d like number 13 to be the best one yet.

So if you want to weigh in, get a hold of Richard and let him know.

Plan to put Baltimore ammo sellers out of business

Baltimore Mayoral Candidate Campaigns On $1 per Bullet Tax!


Rolley told a reporter that the tax would curb random shootings, especially around the holidays, by making it too expensive for people to indiscriminately discharge firearms.

That’s so funny Murdoc just about blew milk out his nose. And Murdoc’s not even drinking milk right now.

If this were to go through, all it would do is send ammo buyers outside the city. Duh. No one would ever buy another single round within the tax zone.

It would have no impact on crime at all. Duh.

Citizens of Connecticut: Turn in your property because it scares some people

Say Uncle points out a bill in Connecticut that would ban “large capacity” magazines (those that hold more than ten rounds). But it ain’t all that bad:

(c) Any person who (1) prior to the effective date of this section, lawfully possessed a large capacity magazine, and (2) not later than ninety days after the effective date of this section, removes such magazine from this state or surrenders such magazine to an organized local police department or the Department of Public Safety for destruction, shall not be subject to prosecution for a violation of subsection (b) of this section.

So you’d have three months to give away your stuff to the government.

Meanwhile, it looks Brownells 30-round AR mags are still on sale for $9.99.

They can count more than just by fingers in Maine. Barely.

Proposed Ban on Ammunition Magazine Defeated

On Thursday, January 27, the Maine Legislature’s Legislative Council defeated a measure proposed by state Representative Anne Haskell (D-117), which would have banned the sale of ammunition magazines capable of holding more than ten rounds of ammunition. Since the proposal was requested after the January 7 deadline, the ten person Legislative Council needed to approve the measure before it could be considered by the legislature. The measure failed by a 5 to 5 vote.

It was THAT close. Remember, kids: Elections Matter.