Scary Ammunition

Cryptic Subterranean writes about the coming push for a Sniper Rifle Ban:

…this would include pretty much all optics and bolt action rifles, as one of their tactics is to re-classify rifle ammunition as armour piercing if it defeats body armour, even if that body armour is only designed to protect against handgun ammo only.

I commented

I suspect that the antis are ramping up for an anti-ammo campaign, to begin with regulation and then banning of ‘assault weapon’-class ammo. Once this is accomplished, they will suddenly notice, for the first time ever, that hunting rifles are far more powerful than ‘assault weapons.’

“If the 5.56 was so dangerous it needed to be banned, surely the .308 and .30-06 should be, as well…”

After all, who need s “sniper rifle” or “armor piercing ammunition” for self defense? (Never mind that those the 2nd Amendment was written to protect against were agents of legal authority.)

The antis have failed miserably stopping concealed carry. They’ve failed miserably with the Assault Weapon Ban. They’ve failed miserably every time they’ve tried to take the guns.

So they’ll try to take the ammo instead.