Shooting at Omaha mall

Breaking news: Man shoots at least 5 in Omaha mall

OMAHA, Neb. – At least five people were shot Wednesday at a busy Omaha mall, local media reported, and police locked down the shopping center.

At least two people were carried out in stretchers, NBC affiliate WOWT-TV reported. Officials told the station that one person had a self-inflicted gunshot wound. It was unclear if it was the shooter.

Photo Shows Man In Handcuffs; Witness Reports 35-40 Shots

The low-res screen grab of what appears to be a TV image apparently shows a black guy in military BDUs, hood and backwards baseball cap, and what looks like a backpack in custody.

The shooter’s weapons was reportedly a rifle of some sort.

‘We’re thinking of hiring her’

Granny got her gun: Woman thwarts burglary attempt

Carthage, MO:

A 39-year-old woman and a male juvenile remained in custody Monday in Jasper County after being foiled in an alleged burglary attempt by a grandmother with a gun.

The 63-year-old was eating lunch with her grandson when she saw the two suspects approach her back door with a crowbar. She got a handgun and waited while the male juvenile pried open her back door. Things went downhill for the robbers at that point.

The UPI says quotes a lieutenant with the local sheriff’s office: “We’re thinking of hiring her.”

No Gun Required

Pickpocket whupped by Marine pleads guilty:

Jesse Daniel Rae, who was beaten up by a older Marine while he was trying to rob him, plead guilty to assault with intent to rob Wednesday.

Rae tried to rob Bill Barnes, 72, at a convenience store in Alpine Township in early summer. Barnes quickly got the upper hand on Rae, 27, and the incident was caught on surveillance cameras.

Rae will be sentenced January 28 and faces up to 15 years in prison.


Gas for Guns in Cleveland

Cleveland Offers $100 Gas Cards for Guns

Armed residents can give up their guns and get gasoline cards worth $100 at the pump. The first 450 people who show up at Cleveland’s convention center Saturday and surrender a working handgun will receive a card.

The effort collected 421 guns.

There’s nothing wrong with this sort of program, and I guess it’s even possible that some unintentional harm could be avoided because of them. But all the articles on the effort note that the homicides are up in Cleveland this year, and that the neighborhood where the drive took place is “battling a crime wave.”

I wonder how many criminals turned in guns that they intend to use for crimes.

No. I don’t really wonder. I know the answer.

La. shooter a church deacon Police: Church deacon shot 5 in Louisiana office

A special tactical unit used explosives to enter the building shortly after midnight and shot John Ashley to death after he opened fire, police spokesman Sgt. Clifford Gatlin said.

Police said Ashley repeatedly shot at them during the 10-hour standoff Thursday, and even shot at a remote-controlled police robot they sent inside. No officers were hurt.