LaserLyte Introduces “Mini Survival Knife” Pistol Bayonet

LaserLyte PB-3 Mini Survival Knife Pistol Bayonet
LaserLyte PB-3 Mini Survival Knife Pistol Bayonet

LaserLyte® introduces the “Mini Survival Knife” pistol bayonet that features an exaggerated top serrated two-tone blade. This is the third generation in the extremely popular line of LaserLyte/Ka-BAR® brand pistol bayonets. The LaserLyte “Mini Survival Knife” is ready for any situation – or just looking cool on your favorite gun.

This razor-sharp, 2.75 inch Ka-Bar blade fits on any medium to large pistol with rail and slides on and off easily with the press of two buttons. Its carbon steel blade is sharpened to a fine edge and finished with a black Teflon® coating for protection. Featuring a full tang design, the blade also comes with a custom polymer sheath. The blade handle is constructed from 30 percent glass-filled nylon for extra strength and durability. MSRP $49.95.

    LaserLyte Pistol Bayonet Specifications:

  • Product Number: PB-3
  • Compatible Firearms: with rails, medium to large frame pistols
  • Material: medium carbon, glass filled nylon
  • Weight: 2.6 oz., 73.71 g
  • Blade Length: 2.75 in., 69.85 mm
  • Overall Length: 5.75 in., 146.05 mm
  • MSRP: $49.95

I can see the “just looking cool” function. I’m not really sure about anything else. More info, including a video, at the LaserLyte site.

Blackhawk Hawkhook

Blackhawk Hawkhook
Blackhawk HawkHook

This rescue tool features a belt/cord cutter, serrated cutting edge, glass breaker, pry tip, bottle opener, and wire stripper. Murdoc’s been carrying one for a week and it’s come in handy a few times. Done some cutting, though not in a rescue situation. (Though the opener has rescued a fair number of beers from being unappreciated…)

Blackhawk HawkHook
Blade Length: 2.250”
Overall Length: 3.2500”
Blade Material: AUS8A stainless steel
Blade Finish: Matte bead-blast finish
Edge type: Combination plain/partially serrated
Handle Material: 420J stainless steel with textured plastic scale
Pocket Clip: Right side, tip-down carry
MSRP: $39.99

A reviewer on the Blackhawk site writes:

Bigger, heavier tools may complete some of these tasks more easily, but at 2.4 ounces and only 3.25″ closed, the Hawkhook will probably be on your person or close to you when those other, larger devices are unavailable. If I were still a street cop, it would be clipped to my visor.

That pretty much sums up Murdoc’s take on this tool. It’s a bit of a jack-of-all-trades, but that’s what you want for a general purpose stand-by tool. For instance, I wonder how effective the glass breaker really is on a small, light tool like this. The wife won’t let me try on the minivan, so I’m left to speculate that it’s not ideal. If I know I’m going to need to break a window, I’m taking something heavier. But odds are that if I ever really, really need to break a window right now, I won’t have had any warning or time to prepare. If the HawkHook is clipped to my belt, it can probably fill in just fine.

I can see this being part of a grab-and-go or survival kit, too.


Kopel: Obama administration moves to ban 80% of knives

I hear so often that gun owner worry over increased gun control is silly fear-mongering because Obama hasn’t tried to ban any guns yet. Only backwoods hicks are afraid of such things.

I’m wondering how that squares with the push for knife rules change.

UPDATE: From the comments:

All the general public will know is that in a few months Target will start selling pocket knives without the easy open feature or “thumb stud” and nobody will know why because it hasn’t been talked about on any TV news or newspaper. It’s such a small inconvenience that most people will not even notice and those that do will learn to live with it after a few months. Meanwhile we will lose a little a few more feet off beach of freedom to the sea of bureaucratic control over our lives.


The HUMVEE RECON Emergency Rescue Knife and LED Combo from CampCo:

The HUMVEE RECON Emergency Rescue Knife and LED Combo
The HUMVEE RECON Emergency Rescue Knife and LED Combo

CampCo release:

The only rescue combo kit you will ever need from CampCo is the HUMVEE® Emergency Rescue Knife and LED Combo featuring a ½ watt ultra-bright white LED light that operates on a single AA alkaline battery and a folding knife outfitted with an emergency seatbelt cutter and glass breaker. The LED light is a compact 4 inches in overall length and comes with a detachable lanyard. The modified spear point blade is coated with a black anti-reflective finish and has a blade length of 3.25” with a serrated edge. A metal pocket clip provides for a tip-down carry. The HUMVEE Emergency Rescue knife also features a liner lock for smooth operation, a glass fiber anti-slip grip, and opens to 8 inches in length.

The CampCo HUMVEE RECON Emergency Rescue Knife and LED Combo is the perfectly priced rescue tool for your automobile or home at an MSRP of just $24.95.

I’d just been thinking it had been a while since I posted anything about either knives or lights when this showed up in the inbox.

7-Elevens Robbed With Klingon Sword

Bat'leth (Klingon sword of honor)
Bat'leth (Klingon sword of honor)

Are you kidding?

COLORADO SPRINGS – The search is on for the sword-wielding thief two tried to rob two convenience stores early Wednesday morning. The weapon is it described as a Star Trek Klingon-type sword called a “Batleth.”

Via Huffman.


I remember seeing a story about one being turned in during a UK knife amnesty program last fall: Lethal Star Trek blade seized in knives amnesty