Rail Master Tactical Light

Crimson Trace Launches Rail Master™ Tactical Light
Crimson Trace Launches Rail Master™ Tactical Light

Building on the phenomenal success of its Rail Master™ laser, Crimson Trace announces the immediate release to sale of their new, 100 lumen rail-mounted Rail Master light (http://www.crimsontrace.com/products/type/rail-master/01-3260). Engineered to fit any firearm with a Picatinny rail, the Rail Master offers a 2 hour run time on one CR2 lithium battery and instant, ambidextrous activation in a compact, snag-free package. The Rail Master light will be available through the regular dealer network or direct from the Crimson Trace website at an MSRP of $139.

Each Rail Master light is equipped with 4 interchangeable inserts to allow the user to custom fit it to their gun. “The idea was to allow this multi-platform illumination tool to fit as many firearms as possible,” said Kent Thomas, Director of Marketing for Crimson Trace. “The Rail Master’s inserts and Secure-Lock Technology™ allow it to fit both rifles and shotguns, while on handguns, the user can fine tune the position of the light on the gun to optimize activation with either hand. We believe it’s the most flexible and user friendly tactical light available.”

Due to its adaptability and rugged nature, the Rail Master light is expected to be the dominant weapon light at the Crimson Trace Midnight 3 Gun Match (http://www.crimsontrace.com/news/article/crimson-trace-to-host-the-worlds-only-nighttime-3-gun-match) in July – the World’s first and only night time 3 gun match. Some of the nation’s top 3 gunners will be equipping their pistols, rifles and shotguns with the Rail Master as they blast a wide array of targets in the pitch black high desert night. Expect to see extensive coverage of the match and the Rail Master product line and Midnight 3Gun Invitational on NBC Sports, Versus and the Outdoor Channel this Fall.

Blackhawk Xiphos NT Weapon Light

Got back last week from a Writer’s Event with Blackhawk! in Bozeman, Montana. One of the doodads in the goodie bag was their Xiphos NT light. Here is is on Murdoc’s FNP-40:

Blackhawk Xiphos NT on FNP-40
Blackhawk Xiphos NT on FNP-40

Fits fine and seems to operate well, but it sticks out a bit more on the 4″ barreled FNP-40 than I’d like. It’s a little better on the dummy Glock 17 which was also included in the goodie bag:

Blackhawk Xiphos NT on dummy Glock 17
Blackhawk Xiphos NT on dummy Glock 17

The light is surprisingly lightweight and, even when sticking way out beyond the muzzle of my FNP-40, it didn’t seem to upset the balance.

It’s a little hard to tell from these side-on shots, but the Xiphos mounts slightly offset to the left (for right-hand models) to accommodate Blackhawk’s SERPA tactical holsters. We also received one of the SERPAs designed to work with the Xiphos, and Murdoc will have pics of that up soon.

Meanwhile, here are the highlights of the Xiphos itself:

Designed for one-hand activation, this weapon-mounted light features a patent-pending Cam-Clamp mount that allows the user to quickly install the light onto nearly any rail weapon mount without using tools. The Cam-Clamp eliminates the need to slide the light down long rails, and it installs in the desired location instantly.

• Duplicate ambidextrous operation of all programmed functions
• Intelligent circuit design eliminates afterglow
• Over two hours of total runtime
• No tools required for installation or battery removal
• Anti-reflective glass lens ensures maximum light output
• Incredibly lightweight and won’t change the feel of your weapon
• Corrosion-resistant black anodized aluminum
• Stainless steel with black oxide-finish metal
• Injection-molded carbon-fiber/polymer body
• High-impact LIFETIME LED resists high G-forces from recoil and drops
• Modes of output: Momentary Switch, Constant On, Strobe, and Low Battery Indicator
• Water resistant up to 10 meters

Max Output 90 Lumens
Diameter 1.1”
Length 3.1”
Weight (with/without batteries) 1.9 oz. / 2.5 oz.
Runtime 120 Minutes
Battery (1) 3-Volt CR123A
Bulb LED
MSRP $199.99

LaserLyte Side Mount for Ruger LCP and Kel-Tecs

LaserLyte Side Mount Laser on Ruger LCP
LaserLyte Side Mount Laser on Ruger LCP

Murdoc hasn’t tried this out but it looks good:

LaserLyte® answers the growing demand for lasers specific to the increasingly popular conceal carry market with the new Ruger LCP Side Mount Laser (CK-AMF). At half the cost of a leading competitor, the CK-AMF fits on the side of the Ruger LCP and the Kel-Tec .380 and .32.

Easy to mount on the gun by simply pushing out and replacing the stock pins with the new screws (included). Then push the ergonomic activation button with the index finger and the laser is on target. The CK-AMF design works also as a finger guide that allows for safe trigger control without blocking the laser beam. The programmable laser features a pulse or constant on mode and also has an auto-off function to prevent an unwanted battery drain. The side mounted laser allows the pistol to fit in virtually any nylon pocket holster.

The new LaserLyte Ruger LCP Side Mount Laser is compact and light, and foremost – deadly for only $99.95.

Part Number: CK AMF
MSRP: $99.95
Compatible Firearms: Ruger LCP, Kel Tec .380 and .32
Power Output: Class IIIA, 5MW
Laser Module: 650NM
Batteries: 4 x 377
Battery Life: *Normal usage: 5 hours constant on, 10 hours pulse mode
Weight: .25 ounces/ 9 grams Length: 3.65 inches/92.71mm
Width: .56 inches/17.22 mm Height: .380 inches/9.65mm
Range at Night: 500 yards/457.2 meters
* Normal usage is defined as one minute on and one minute off. This test mimics actual usage where the unit is turned on and off and the battery is given time to automatically regenerate.

Press release available at Laura Burgess Marketing.

SureFire E2L AA Outdoorsman

Surefire's new E2L AA Outdoorsman
SureFire's new E2L AA Outdoorsman

The E2L AA Outdoorsman is a dual-output, extended-runtime flashlight featuring a virtually indestructible power-regulated LED emitter and a precision Total Internal Reflection (TIR) lens. This versatile flashlight runs on either AA lithium or AA alkaline batteries, offering users a choice in the field. The E2L AA’s pushbutton tailcap switch lets you activate the flashlight and select an output level: press or click once for a useful, ultra-long-runtime 3-lumen beam; release or click off, and press or click on again—within two seconds—for a near-flawless 80-lumen high beam. An excellent choice for outdoor activities, emergency preparedness, or everyday-carry needs, especially when access to 123A lithium batteries may be limited.

Though not inexpensive at $165, this light looks to bring everything together that Murdoc likes in a general purpose light:

  • LED
  • Variable Output
  • Metal Body
  • Tailcap Click Switch
  • Integrated Metal Clip
  • AA Batteries

While the CR123A delivers much more power and comes in a nice form factor, I don’t like using them for everyday lighting because of the expense and much more limited availability. This looks like a great light from SureFire.


I’d been hoping that they’d pull through, but saw a little while back that their site went off the air. GearScout has as close to official word as I’ve seen about the end of PentagonLight following a patent infringement lawsuit by Surefire.

Instead of re-engineering their product line or negotiating to license Surefire’s tailcap, PentagonLight chose to quietly shut their entire operation down. This is intriguing, since the judgment had no financial component. Surefire didn’t ask for a dime. They just asked that PentagonLight not be permitted to sell the Surefire tailcap.

Too bad.

For what it’s worth, I think the MOLLE Light is actually the light I use more than any other in terms of minutes turned on. The only problem I’ve had with it is that the compass in the base went bad at some point. It takes AA batteries that are too low for use in other things and gets a lot more use out of them. It’s a low-power light, but plenty good for a lot of general use. (via Uncle)

MVF-515 Green

Crimson Trace MVF-515 with Red Laser
Crimson Trace MVF-515 with Red Laser

Crimson Trace Modular Vertical Foregrip Now with Green Laser

Crimson Trace announces an addition to the revolutionary modular vertical foregrip, the MVF-515 Green that now utilizes both a green laser and a white light in one unit. Both light sources follow the Crimson Trace mantra of instinctive activation for ease of use. Suggested retail price is $649.00.

Given the popularity and usefulness of green lasers, Crimson Trace has waited until the Crimson Trace engineering team was able to solve the two banes of green laser technology: The first one, heat, which shortens the laser diode life and second, high power draw, rendering green lasers useless in a matter of minutes. The engineers at Crimson Trace have overcome both of these detriments by utilizing the latest technologies into the new MVF-515 Green.

I’ve checked out the MVF-515 with the standard red laser and it’s pretty sharp. Not exactly cheap, but it’s a great unit.

600 Lumens to Pierce the Night

New powerful LED weapon-mount light from American Technologies Network:

ATN Javelin J600W
ATN Javelin J600W

The ATN J600W flashlight can be hand-carried or attached to any Picatinny/standard Weaver mount. Another unique feature of the ATN J600W is the modular front bezel which is designed to provide a powerful defense in close quarter combat. Law enforcement personnel can also use the bright white light of the J600W as a momentary less-lethal, defensive tool causing approximately 10 seconds of temporary transient blindness in an assailant. The ATN Javelin J600W flashlight comes with a tactical control wire and has an MSRP of $269.00.


  • LENGTH: 202 MM
  • WEIGHT: 0.38 KG

The hand-held version, the J600, retails for $199.00.