Bank robber: I did it to get away from my wife

Lancaster, PA:

A Pennsylvania man said he robbed a bank in 2007 to go to jail and get away from his overbearing wife.

At a sentencing hearing Monday, 39-year-old Anthony Miller said he robbed a bank in Ephrata because he wanted to leave his then-wife but she had threatened to commit suicide if he did.

Defense attorney Robert Beyer said Miller approached tellers with a BB gun, asked for money and told them to call the police.

BB Gun Shooting Spree

From May in Hawaii:

Just after 8 o’clock [on Friday, May 29th], police say 20-year old Michael Danner and 21-year old Daniel Womack… were driving around in Miliani armed with a high-powered BB gun. They allegedly shot a woman near Walmart, who was taken to the hospital in stable condition. Police say the two men then made their way toward Wahiawa and opened fire at businesses and shot several people. A witness took down the license plate number and police caught up with them near the intersection of Mango and Kilani streets.

Wahiawa residents say it’s an ongoing problem. Their homes and businesses have been used for BB gun target practice for years.

I had been expecting it to be kids. But 20 and 21-year-olds? Give me a break.

Iguana Hunting

Scratch one lizard!
Scratch one lizard!

Invasion of the Iguana: Mankind Strikes Back by Terry Gibson on Outdoor Life.

Hunting the overpopulation of invasive iguana in Florida with air guns:

So far, these invaders are mostly sticking to urban areas, especially along canal systems. Feral iguanas crap all over seawalls and docks, destroy tens of thousands of dollars in landscaping, and eat native species. The City of Boca Grande, for example, has spent more than $100,000 per year for four years trying to eradicate the problem. They even had to create an “iguana tax” to pay the trappers…

Obviously, it is unsafe and illegal to shoot iguanas with any kind of gun in urban areas. Trapping and snaring works best. You’re not allowed to transport these reptiles or any other invasive species off your property. “Iguana huggers” want you to call animal rescue so these things can be “euthanized humanely.” While no one promotes animal cruelty, “cruelty” is not well defined in Florida statute. Hopefully, kill-and-grill does not constitute a crime, or I don’t think there’s much hope for us as a species.

Seriously, a $10 “iguana tag” good for a month of air gun hunting would not only help keep these critters in check, it would probably get more young folks into the shooting sports. I mean, who wouldn’t want to shoot a lizard?

Oh, yeah. It would also raise money rather than costing it. Though the majority of these things are apparently in urban areas where shooting is restricted, Murdoc would guess that there are a lot more in the wild than suspected.

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