Colt Super-Stoc

Colt Super-Stoc, designed by Bill Rogers, for Colt AR and M4 Rifles
Colt Super-Stoc, designed by Bill Rogers, for Colt AR and M4 Rifles


WEST HARTFORD, Conn. –Colt Defense LLC, one of the world’s leading designers, developers, and manufacturers of rifles and carbines, is pleased to introduce the new Colt® Super-Stoc and announce that it is making the new, leading-edge technology buttstock standard issue on select Colt AR and M4 rifles sold into the domestic commercial and law enforcement markets. The new Colt Super-Stoc, designed by Bill Rogers, will be available later this month.

“Since 1836, Colt has been committed to offering nothing but the highest quality products to each and every customer,” said David Ridley, vice president, Colt Defense. “With the new Colt Super-Stoc, we continue to deliver on that tradition by pairing one of the most advanced stocks available with the best rifle in the world.”

Colt Defense and Bill Rogers have teamed up to engineer the most advanced, third generation of the Super-Stoc, using innovative technologies and proprietary materials. Designed to be as lightweight as possible while maintaining durability, the Colt Super-Stoc weighs 6.56 ounces, ranking it among the lightest stocks available. The stock is designed specifically for the new Colt rifles to give an unequaled fit and survivability during the most extreme conditions.

“The Colt Super-Stoc is one of the lightest, strongest and most secure collapsible stocks for the M4/AR series of weapons,” said Bill Rogers, chief shooting instructor, Rogers Shooting School. “Our partnership with Colt was a no-brainer. We want the highest quality rifle in the world to be outfitted with the world’s newest and most technologically advanced stocks available.”

A unique Cam-Lock system is a new design feature that, when operated, securely locks onto the buffer tube like a solid stock. This Cam-Lock system completely removes any slop or play commonly inherent with aftermarket collapsible stocks as well as eliminating any movement due to wear. The Cam-Lock lever also features a convenient reversible design, enabling the user to customize his or her stock to suit the desired preference. Other features include a removable recoil pad, sling loop, quick detach swivel sling mount and Quick Release lever which unlocks the Cam-Lock and indexing pin with one motion.

The original M4 buttstock will still be made available to commercial and law enforcement customers by Colt Defense. For more information on the new Colt Super-Stoc or Colt’s classic M4 stock, please visit

The Super-Stoc will initially be available only on new Colt rifles. Hopefully, we’ll see it offered separately in the future.

Wilson Combat Tactical Trigger Unit

Wilson Combat Two Stage Tactical Trigger Unit
Wilson Combat Two Stage Tactical Trigger Unit

Introducing the TACTICAL TRIGGER UNIT (TTU), an all-new modular trigger unit that can be easily installed in any AR pattern rifle by the end user in less than 1 minute without tools or even removing your selector.

Exclusive Wilson Combat® Engineering Has Created a Truly DROP-IN Trigger Unit With an Ultra-Crisp 4# Trigger Pull That Does Not Require Any Fine Tuning or Adjustment By The End User.

  • Simple, 1 Minute Drop-In Installation
  • NO Adjustment Screws to Ever Shoot Loose
  • NO Loose Parts to Misplace, The TTU Is a Totally Self-Contained Trigger Module
  • All Components Are Precision CNC Machined and/or EDM Cut From Solid Bar Stock
  • Hammer, Trigger and Disconnector Are Manufactured From Virtually Indestructible H13 Steel and Heat Treated For Maximum Wear Resistance
  • Hammer, Trigger and Disconnector Pivot on Hardened Steel Bushings So NO Wear or Stress Is Imparted on Your Receiver Pin Holes or Pins
  • Positive Trigger Reset Guarantees a Quick Follow Up Shot on Target
  • The Unique Hammer Geometry Enhances Reliable Ignition With Military and Surplus Ammunition of All Types
  • Wilson Combat® Exclusive 1911 Style Half-Cock Notch Makes The TTU The Safest AR Trigger on The Market and Allows The TTU to Meet or Exceed Military Specifications For Drop Safety
  • Bullet Proof® Design Is Engineered and Extensively Tested By Shooters For Shooters
  • The Tactical Trigger Unit Has Raised The Bar in AR Trigger Design and Function

Brownells Paratrooper Charging Handle

If size matters, you’ve now got this option from Brownells to consider:

Brownells Paratrooper Charging Handle
Brownells Paratrooper Charging Handle

It’s the Brownells ‘Paratrooper’ charging handle, aluminum, and will start production next week. The handle is plenty big and easy to grab even with heavy gloves. After releasing, it folds half-way closed so it’s out of the way but still ready. It can fold completely closed when not needed.



In the market for a new muzzle brake? Tired of the endless parade of boring muzzle brakes that all look the same? Do you want something that is functional but at the same time brings some intensity to your AK? If you’ve been answering yes while reading this, then the INTRAFUSE® AK RAZR™ Muzzle Brake is the one for you. This coated steel muzzle brake is U.S. made and has four pronged tips shaped to penetrate wood, sheet-rock, and glass for any tactical situation. The brake is designed to fit standard left hand threaded AK models and is backed by a lifetime guarantee.

  • Four heat treaded pronged tips
  • Length = 2.8125″
  • Fits standard lef hand threaded AK Models
  • Counts as 1 U.S. 922r Compliant Part

Available for $27.99.

Stag Arms .22 Conversion Kit

Another entry in the .22 AR conversion field:

Stag Arms .22LR Conversion Kit: Left-handed
Stag Arms .22LR Conversion Kit: Left-handed

Customers have long requested a .22LR conversion kit for our left-handed rifles and we are excited to announce that one is now available!

Now you are able to shoot the inexpensive .22LR cartridge with this kit enabling more practice with the rifle at a much lower cost. Also now you are able to use your left-handed Stag Arms at indoor ranges, perfect for winter training or when access to an outdoor range is limited.

The conversion kit is constructed of stainless steel, and compatible with both our direct gas and piston operated rifles.

The conversion kit features: steel extractor pin, stainless steel firing pin with a captured spring, cotter pin in the bolt that retains firing pin, forward assist adapter, buffer retaining relief cut, chamber adapter for easy live round extraction.

The conversion kit retails for $220 and comes with one 25 round magazine. Also available in right-handed configuration at the same price.

I haven’t tried out any of these drop-in .22 AR kits, but I’ve talked to a few who have and the reports have been generally positive. My guess is that the Stag kit is as good as anyone’s. With ammo prices hanging up where they are, the chance to get a little AR trigger time at rimfire costs seems like a great option.

Do readers prefer adapters such as this one? Or would you rather have dedicated .22 AR-style gun?

Zel Custom’s Tactilite T2

Tactilite T2 by Zel Custom Manufacturing
Tactilite T2 by Zel Custom Manufacturing

Zel Custom Introduces Magazine-Fed .50 BMG Upper Receiver for AR-15s

Zel Custom Manufacturing introduces the Tactilite T2, a magazine-fed, bolt-action .50 BMG conversion for AR-15 style rifles. The T2 utilizes a side-mounted magazine design (similar to a Sten gun) on Zel Custom’s unique steel billet upper receiver. As a “firearms accessory”, the Tactilite T2 .50 BMG conversion kit requires no special paperwork, background check or waiting period.

“The T2 was developed in response to law enforcement feedback to our single-shot T1,” said Michael Brendzel, president of Zel Custom Manufacturing. “However, consumer demand has already exceeded expectations.”

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