Wilson Vickers Elite

Years of practical experience as an assaulter, pistolsmith, competitive shooter, industry consultant and trainer have formed the basis for the Vickers Elite-Larry Vickers’ signature Wilson Combat model 1911. The Vickers Elite combines many of our time tested custom handgun features and ads some new modifications as requested by Larry to create a unique signature pistol with universal tactical appeal.

The Vickers Elite starts with our precision machined and hand fitted forged slide and frame combination along with our match-grade barrel for impeccable reliability and precise accuracy. Renowned Wilson Combat hand-fitting to rigorous specifications yields a pistol that you can count on regardless of the shooting scenario at hand.

The Vickers Elite wears the Vickers Tactical logo on the slide and on the proprietary G-10 grips to immediately identify this model in the field.

A special .45 caliber Wilson Combat magazine was also developed for this model with extensive input from Vickers based on his deployment experience. The Vickers Duty Magazine has a reinforced, solid tube for added strength, a newly engineered follower with sand cuts and a last round retention feature. The standard coil spring has been replaced with a stainless flatwire spring for the ultimate in long term feeding reliability in extreme environments and hard use. An extended steel base pad has been added to make this magazine the new standard for tactical use.

•Full-Size Carbon Steel Frame
•30 LPI High Cut Checkered Frontstrap
•Bullet Proof® Round Butt Magazine Well
•Bobbed High-Ride Bullet Proof® Beavertail Grip Safety
•Tactical Bullet Proof® Thumb Safety
•3 ½# – 3 ¾# Crisp Trigger Pull with Medium Length Pad
•Bullet Proof® Magazine Release
•G10 Vickers Elite Logo Grips
•Countersunk Slide Stop
•5” Carbon Steel Slide
•Heavy Machine Chamfer on Bottom of Slide
•Battlesight with Gold Bead Front Sight
•5” Stainless Match Grade Barrel and Thick Flange Bushing, Flush Cut Reverse Crown
•Flat Wire Recoil Spring
•Fluted Chamber
•30 LPI Slide Top Serrations
•40 LPI Serrated Rear of Slide
•Wide Front and Rear Cocking Serrations
•Ball Endmill Cuts

Arsenal Krink length Quad Rail system

Krink Quad Rail from Arsenal:

The Arsenal Krink Quad Rail is designed and manufactured to exceed the most stringent military specifications and requirements. This T7075-T6 rail installs easily with its precision machined tabs, vents heat very effectively, and is capped on both ends to keep debris out of the gun. Identification marks allow repeatable attachment of accessories, and the smooth fit and finish provide operator comfort. The triangular shaped support design minimizes weight while maximizing strength and cooling.

It’s available on six Arsenal guns: The SAM7K-01R, SAM7K-03R, SLR106-58R, and SLR106-60R pistols and the SLR104-54R and SAM7K-01R rifles.

Arsenal SAM7K-03R with Krink Rail
Arsenal SAM7K-03R with Krink Rail

Battle Rifle Company BR4 Attache 9mm AR Pistol

Battle Rifle Company Attache 9mm AR Pistol
Battle Rifle Company Attache 9mm AR Pistol

The BR4 Attache is new for 2015 and it is Battle Rifle Company’s first entry into the 9mm AR pistol market. The BR4 Attache 9mm is a blow back, Colt® SMG configuration and comes with a 32 round straight magazine and a 10.5” barrel. In addition to being available with an A2 flash suppressor or muzzle break, it also comes with an Ergo pistol grip, single point sling adaptor and an optional Sig Brace. Topping off the features is an Odin Works rail system with many options available for sights.

“We are excited about the launch of our BR4 Attache 9mm,” says Chris Kurzadkowski, owner of Battle Rifle Company. “If you are looking for a truly fun AR pistol, then the BR4 Attache fits the mold perfectly. The 9mm round offers extremely low recoil and the ability to go up to 32 rounds for extended shooting. Its the perfect combination for plinking or varmint/predator hunting.”

MSRP is $1395. SB 15 brace is $100 more.

GSG Target 1911

Imported by American Tactical Imports:

GSG Target 1911 American Tactical Imports
GSG Target 1911

Imported by American Tactical Imports:

The GSG Target 1911 is ideal for plinking or competition shooters looking for solid reliability and consistent performance. Complete with custom target-style wooden grips, adjustable rear sights and magazine extension, this true-to-form 1911 pistol has all the modifications needed to compete. The GSG Target 1911 is compatible with other 1911 parts, and comes standard with a threaded barrel, beaver tail and grip safety, picatinny rail and an adjustable skeletonized trigger. Weighing the same as a standard .45 ACP 1911 pistol and with the addition of a 5-blade front sight, the GSG Target 1911 is a 22LR powerhouse.

“The GSG Target 1911 is the perfect addition to our 1911 line,” says Joe Calabro, Marketing Director for American Tactical. “The accuracy and performance of this pistol is top-notch and it will make the perfect addition to any collector, firearms trainer, competition shooter or typical gun lover.”

Michigan Permit to Purchase

Michigan Senate Judiciary Committee to Consider Repeal of Permit to Purchase and Gun Registration on Wednesday

This Wednesday, July 18, the Michigan Senate Judiciary Committee will hold a special hearing on legislation to repeal Michigan’s “permit-to-purchase” and registration requirements for handguns. House Bill 5225, which seeks to replace the state handgun “permit-to-purchase” requirement with the FBI’s National Instant Criminal Background Check System, has already passed in the state House of Representatives by an overwhelming 74 to 36 vote on June 13. Additionally, the Senate Judiciary Committee will hear the two companion bills to HB 5225, House Bill 5498 and House Bill 5499, both of which also passed the state House and were sent to the Senate last month.

HB 5225, sponsored by state Representative Paul Opsommer (R-93), would repeal the outdated and ineffective “permit-to-purchase” requirement. Under the current state process, gun buyers must apply with their local law enforcement agency and pass a written test before being authorized to buy a handgun. This “permit” is valid for only one gun and it expires after ten days. This process became obsolete when the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) took effect in 1998. Since that time, federal law has required a national criminal records check for the purchase of any firearm, from any gun dealer, in every state. The NRA has been working diligently to repeal the antiquated, costly and unnecessary “permit-to-purchase” obstacle for gun owners, and has coordinated with several state Representatives to produce the new language for HB 5225.

HB 5225 as amended would, if enacted:

  • Repeal the state requirement to seek police permission to purchase a firearm by traveling to a local police station and obtaining a permit to purchase.
  • Repeal the requirement for a law-abiding citizen to register a legally purchased and owned firearm with the government through the police.
  • Adopt the use of the federally-funded National Instant Criminal Background Check System.
  • Cut Michigan’s costs by using the federally-administered national instant background check system and eliminate wasted man-hours of tracking lawful gun owners in Michigan.
  • Default to the federal standard of prohibited persons and require a background check for each purchase.

Murdoc is optimistic that this is going to become law, but Michigan residents take a few minutes to contact your senators to make sure they know you care about this. Combined with the elimination of the “safety inspection” (registration) requirement after any pistol purchase, Michigan is finally on the right path for handgun ownership.