Friday Gunzookery – 22 Aug 2008

Put that in your peace pipe and smoke it, Brady!
Even if you call normal person-to-person purchases a “loophole,” it apparently isn’t being used.

It’s About the Bill of Rights, Not Profits
Would it be wrong to try to gain insider knowledge on a group of people who were intent on silencing newspapers, and ending all publishing in the United States?

There’s a missile on that car
Russian SS-21 landed on a car in Georgia. Not very softly.

There is so much dumbassery in this story, it’s hard to keep up with
Water balloons and BB guns and lots of bad judgment.

Border Insecurity and
More on the Border
Mexican troops cross into the US and draw weapons on the BP. Murdoc no likie.

Carnival of Homeschooling
There’s More to School Than Textbooks!

Everything a James Bond Fan Needs
And then some.

Friday Linkzookery
A lot more links at Murdoc Online.

Friday Gunzookery – 01 Aug 2008

No longer sanctuaries
Linoge gets some comments from someone who was at the Knoxville UU church during the attack.

Why don’t more churches call for gun control?
Who knows? Doesn’t everyone everywhere favor gun control? I know criminals do.

D.C. City Council’s False “Findings” of Facts on Firearms
What? Misrepresenting facts in an anti-gun argument? When did they start doing that?

New Yorkers’ Gun Rights May Rest on Hot Dog Vendor’s Case
The collective right argument used to prosecute gun possession charges in New York should have evaporated in Heller.

Second Amendment News Roundup for 7/31/08
Another fine list of links at The Liberty Sphere.

Rush and the NRA
Limbaugh’s contribution to making the 1st Amendment stick is priceless.

Congress’s Duty to D.C. Residents
Just as with the First Amendment, it matters not a whit whether we reside in the state of Indiana or the District of Columbia. We are protected by the same Bill of Rights. Or Chicago, for that matter.

SCAR Demo Video
I got to try these things out in February. Good stuff.

Skorpion Photos
Nuff said.

Ode to the Toy Tec-9, and a Humiliating Defeat at the Assassination Game
They don’t make toy guns like they used to.

The Natural Right of Self-Defense: Heller’s Lesson to the World
Everyone needs to remember that the right to self-defense is not granted by law, it’s just supposed to be guaranteed by law. The right exists whatever the law says or does not say.

Bi-Partisan Bill Introduced to Restore the Second Amendment Rights of D.C. Residents

Burglary suspect shot while choking homeowner
Didn’t they stop to think how the guy doing the choking felt?

Friday Linkzookery
Lots more links at Murdoc Online.

Friday Gunzookery – 25 Jul 2008

Chicago continues to enforce gun ban
Says court ruling doesn’t apply…I think they’ll learn that the US Constitution applies to Chicago, too. And when they do it will probably set a precedent that underscores the Heller ruling better than anything the NRA could do.

Second Amendment News Roundup
Liberty Sphere’s always-excellent linkfest.

Legally owned (but illegally held) firearms to be destroyed
Police agreed to temporarily hold firearms for safekeeping, refuse to return them.

It’s the 1930s All Over Again?
Why is it always the 1930s? If it’s not the Great Depression it’s the Gestapo. In both cases, of course, not so much.

Crushing dissent
Boy, don’t give public officials in New Hampshire dirty looks.

I’ve heard of lazy, but damn
Washington state Democratic congressional candidate sends body doubles to public appearances.

Here’s a tip for all the ‘progressives’ out there
So many don’t understand that racism works both ways.

Arkansas Recalls License Plates
Apparently the letter combination of ‘NGR’ on a license plate is offensive.

Gun owners show their metal: About 40 stroll for 2nd Amendment
If I had known about this I might have joined. The article points out that they were “mostly white men.”

I’m Glad They Arrested This Monster!
Rampaging 10-year-old with a bean shooter apprehended and charged with assault.

Here are six reasons I’m wary of gun buybacks
Eric Zorn on tomorrow’s scheduled buyback in Chicago.

McCain Sleight on Assault Weapons
Apparently McCain voted for the eventual passage of the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act after it had the assault weapons language attached to it.

Texas Students Joining Students for Concealed Carry on Campus
Chapters at 24 institutions and 150 members

Friday Linkzookery
More links at Murdoc Online

Friday Gunzookery – 11 Jul 2008

Linkzookery, GunPundit style:

Florida considering adding gun safety classes to school curriculum
To spice up their choices for physical education.

Connorsville, Wisconsin, Gun Control
Actually seems to be a fairly reasonable infringement. You’ll have to go look.

Carnival of Homeschooling #132: Let’s Go To The Ice Cream Parlor!
This week at the Daily Planet.

UPDATE: Nice. Thanks to my ongoing technical issues, about a dozen links were lost. I’ve been out of town over the weekend and just noticed. Sorry.