Intro to the Shoot House

New Pat Rogers DVD from Panteao:

Pat Rogers DVD from Panteao: Intro to the Shoot House
Pat Rogers DVD from Panteao: Intro to the Shoot House

Panteao Productions introduces the latest DVD title from Pat Rogers: Intro to the Shoot House. The Shoot House is an alien environment, and for a lot of reasons. Most of us receive our training on a Square Range. In the Shoot House life is dramatically different. Targets may be anywhere. That means 360 degrees, as well as up/ down. You may also be with other people that are moving with you. Not to mention low light conditions. Pat Rogers, founder of EAG Tactical and retired Marine and Sgt in NYPD, takes you through all the fundamentals and techniques needed to build a solid foundation for shoot house work. Pat reviews team safety, making ready, movement in the house, dealing with doors and doorways, hallways, entering a room, communication, low light conditions, multiple room entry, and more. . If your line of work puts you in harm’s way and you need to be able to safely clear a house as part of a two man team, this is a must have video.

The DVD will begin shipping in October and will also be available online for Panteao subscribers. Pre-Orders are being accepted now on the Panteao Productions website.

The impressive line of Panteao videos continues to grow.

Lube the shiny places

How to properly lubricate your AR15 type rifle

A quick tutorial at Coal Creek Armory.

Murdoc used to keep his poodle shooter way too greased up. Probably influenced by all the constant talk about how ARs are so unreliable and need to be constantly cleaned. What a mess.

As wear started to show and he saw where the main friction was occurring, he cut down quite a bit and has had much better results. Not being out in a dusty combat zone also makes a difference.

Via Say Uncle.