Knives and Flaming Cats

Saw this: Firefighter attacked by knife-wielding woman; is saved by coat

A Tucson fire captain responding to an apartment fire early Friday morning was attacked by a knife-wielding woman who tried to stab him in the chest, police said.

The firefighter’s turnout, or firefighting coat, served as body armor and kept the knife from penetrating his chest, according to a press release issued by Tucson Fire.

The firefighter wasn’t hurt and was able to get out of the apartment.

But noticed this:

Firefighters were able to see inside and determine the fire was burning on top of a small stove. Officials say the woman had a dead cat on the stove and was burning it.

Burning a dead cat on the stove.

You can’t make this stuff up.

Oink Oink

Michigan’s ban on wild pigs takes effect today

As of today, wild pigs, or feral swine, are officially outlaws in Michigan — illegal to keep, even in a private hunting preserve.

The state Department of Natural Resources has had shoot-on-sight approval on the critters for more than a year while trying to work out regulations for the game ranches that import them for trophy hunters. But with the Legislature failing to agree on anything, the DNR’s invasive species designation took effect Oct. 1 and will be enforced as of today, DNR Public Information Officer Ed Golden said Friday.

“We delayed active enforcement to give anybody who had them an opportunity to depopulate,” Golden said.

News Possible cougar reported at U. of Michigan campus


Campus police and housing security officials searched the area but didn’t find the animal, which was described as a “possible cougar.” The department urged area residents to call police if they spotted the animal. Authorities say they didn’t find any potential cougar tracks during their search.

The last known wild cougar in Michigan was killed in 1906

Why Would Anyone Ever Want a Gun in a National Park?

Mountain lion snatches Leander boy in Big Bend; child survives

Taking all the recommended precautions wasn’t enough to keep a mountain lion from snatching a 6-year-old Leander boy from his mother’s hand and clamping its jaws on his face at Big Bend National Park on Sunday night…”This attack did not happen on a trail. We were not hiking,” Harris said. “We were on a paved walkway in between a restaurant and a hotel, and this cat grabbed my child from me.”

The cat grabbed the boy from a group of four from a well-traveled paved walkway in an area of human habitation. They had to jump on it and finally managed to stab it with a pocket knife.


Sebastian on natural selection:

It’s not surprising then, that when humans start tolerating the presence of other predators, or even encouraging it, those predators will tend to lose their natural fear over time, and spread those fearless genes onto their offspring. Pretty soon you can’t leave rover out, or leave the kids out to play, without having to worry. When predators who tolerate the presence of humans are shot, they are removed from the gene pool. Nature selects only for predators that fear humans as a fellow predator, and steer clear. When you’re dealing with an animal like a Coyote, which is not endangered and adapts very well to new environments, it’s difficult for me to see why this is an issue for anyone.

Uncle says the same thing in a slightly more direct way:

This is my habitat now. The only reason coyotes are showing up in our subdivisions is because we provide them easy meals and most people don’t shoot them.

Bad Wolf-Dog!

New Maine Law Aims To Eliminate Wolf-Dog Hybrids

The law prohibits people from acquiring wolf hybrids without a special wildlife-in-captivity permit, and it requires current owners to have the animals neutered.

Supporters of the law say wolf hybrids have been responsible for numerous brutal attacks around the country, particularly against children. Wolf hybrids are predatory and should be in the wild, said state Sen. David Trahan, who sponsored the bill that outlaws them.

‘It was a freak accident’

Man holding pit bull when shot, son says

A neighbor’s pit bull apparently jumped the fence and threatened some kids, but then it got weird:

[Robert] Walker Sr. threw a brick at the dog while his wife quickly escorted her grandchildren into the house. She retrieved a .38-caliber revolver and returned outside, where she found her her husband holding the barking pit bull with both hands. Walker Sr. and the pit bull were face to face with the dog’s back to Betty Walker.

Betty Walker fired two shots, the first striking her husband in the upper right chest. The second bullet struck the dog’s left front leg.

Walker died of his wounds.

According to the story, the threat to the kids was “pulled on a shirt tail.”

Why would you shoot at a dog being held by your husband?

This whole thing, at least from this coverage, seems a bit fishy.