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Oink Oink

Michigan’s ban on wild pigs takes effect today As of today, wild pigs, or feral swine, are officially outlaws in Michigan — illegal to keep, even in a private hunting preserve. The state Department of Natural Resources has had shoot-on-sight approval on the critters for more than a year while trying to work out regulations […]

News Possible cougar reported at U. of Michigan campus

Wow: Campus police and housing security officials searched the area but didn’t find the animal, which was described as a “possible cougar.” The department urged area residents to call police if they spotted the animal. Authorities say they didn’t find any potential cougar tracks during their search. The last known wild cougar in Michigan was […]


Sebastian on natural selection: It’s not surprising then, that when humans start tolerating the presence of other predators, or even encouraging it, those predators will tend to lose their natural fear over time, and spread those fearless genes onto their offspring. Pretty soon you can’t leave rover out, or leave the kids out to play, […]

Bad Wolf-Dog!

New Maine Law Aims To Eliminate Wolf-Dog Hybrids The law prohibits people from acquiring wolf hybrids without a special wildlife-in-captivity permit, and it requires current owners to have the animals neutered. Supporters of the law say wolf hybrids have been responsible for numerous brutal attacks around the country, particularly against children. Wolf hybrids are predatory […]

‘It was a freak accident’

Man holding pit bull when shot, son says A neighbor’s pit bull apparently jumped the fence and threatened some kids, but then it got weird: [Robert] Walker Sr. threw a brick at the dog while his wife quickly escorted her grandchildren into the house. She retrieved a .38-caliber revolver and returned outside, where she found […]

In fact, my best friend is an iguana

Murdoc continues to be amused by the reaction his old posts on hunting Florida iguanas are getting. Here’s another good one: While Iguanas are not native to Florida, we have no right to be slaughtering them like this. First of all, you can’t effectively erradicate a species from an area too easily. Mankind in its […]