In fact, my best friend is an iguana

iguana in the crosshairs

Murdoc continues to be amused by the reaction his old posts on hunting Florida iguanas are getting. Here’s another good one:

While Iguanas are not native to Florida, we have no right to be slaughtering them like this. First of all, you can’t effectively erradicate a species from an area too easily. Mankind in its path of destruction has killed off species in the past, but it requires alot more than a couple of hill billies with pellet guns to do so.

A “couple of hill billies with pellet guns” cannot “effectively erradicate a species,” yet they are “slaughtering them”?

With all the species we have introduced to Florida, its next to impossible to perserve the ecosystem there at this point anyway. Its depressing I know, but nature has a way of bouncing back from disasters. METEORS HAVE HIT THIS PLANET AND THERE ARE STILL LIVING CREATURES HERE!!!! In a few million years, the imported creatures in Florida will become part of that ecosystem as other creatures adapt and evolve to deal with them. I say let it happen, stop trying to prevent what can’t be stopped.

So I’m sure the commenter would agree that it’s pointless to stop polluting the atmosphere or trying to clean up industrial waste dumped into rivers. BP dumping oil into the Gulf? “Let it happen, stop trying to prevent what can’t be stopped.” In a few million years, what difference will a little oil in the water make, anyway? Mother Earth is tough, you hill billie:


(Murdoc only used three exclamation points instead of the five used in the commenter’s version. Five seemed over the top.)

So when it all boils down, what I’m saying is that I think we should just leave this mess alone.

Yeah. We got that.

I personaly think that you lowly, pathetic creatures, should I even call you human, are using this as an excuse to murder these beautiful animals. This horrifying brutallity that you people call a “Sport” makes me want to vomit out the deepest contents of my digestive system. I’ve always loved iguanas in particular. I’m fascinated by them really. In fact, my best friend is an iguana, a very loyal, trusting pet. Seeing one of these marvelous creatures dead in your arms… There are no words to describe the burning hatred I have for you, sir. You and all your trashy friends who have brought death to these animals. I hope multiple tornados come to decimate your trailer park. May you be tormented for eternity in the deepest, most vile pit in hell!

This last bit seems sort of tacked on. Like suddenly they decided to abandon their logical attack (such as it was) and begin the passive-aggressive trifecta of name calling, bleeding heart pleas for peace and love, and hopes for the violent death of those who advocate violence.

Obviously, the biggest disconnect seems to be the fact that the commenters calling for the violent deaths of those who hunt feral iguana don’t seem to get the idea that it’s not pet iguanas we’re talking about. Just like those folks who are in favor of illegal immigration from Mexico because America was founded by immigrants.

Murdoc needs to remind himself that iguana lovers who post on GunPundit are probably NOT a fair representation of the typical iguana lover. Dear Lord, he hopes they aren’t…

Good for a laugh, anyway. Carry on.


Driver Hits, Kills Mountain Lion in Conn.

A driver struck a mountain lion in Milford, Conn. early Saturday morning and officials believe it is the animal that has eluded authorities in Greenwich.

Sigred Lacson of Newington, was traveling on Route 15 northbound, just north of exit 55 in Milford, around 1:30 a.m. and hit the animal, which was in the left lane.

I had linked to the story of the huge catamount earlier. This was about 40 miles from those sightings, so it’s quite possible it’s not the same mountain lion. Seems that if it was living in the area, it would have a lair of sorts and not wander so far. But if it was an escapee or a released pet it could have been on the run and 40 miles is quite believable.

Glad no one was hurt. Glad the beast didn’t cause damage to property or livestock or pets. (Though I’ll bet the car that hit it has a mark.)

Still, sad to see such a majestic animal bite the dust.

Thanks to a reader for the tip!


Up To 8-Foot Long, 160-Pound Mountain Lion On The Loose In Greenwich, Conn.

An unusually large mountain lion has been spotted in the Greenwhich suburbs. Predictably,

Greenwich Conservation director Denise Savageau said that if anyone happens upon a suspected mountain lion, they should, “Act large, stand up tall, wave your arms and make noises. Don’t freeze. You don’t want to act like a bunny.”

By doing so, the animal more than likely will not view a human as prey, Savageau said.

Murdoc’s been pointing out mountain lion encounters here and there for years now. Back in 2004 I noted that the California state suggestions to deal with a mountain lion, including “Do not approach a lion,” “Do not run from a lion,” and “Do all you can to appear larger.”

To their credit, they also suggest fighting back if attacked.

A hiker in Southern California used a rock to fend off a mountain lion that was attacking his son. Others have fought back successfully with sticks, caps, jackets, garden tools and their bare hands.

That’s not fighting back, that’s a desperate last-ditch attempt to continue living.

Also see Friendly neighborhood mountain lion . And I posted a page from the Worst Case Scenario A Day calendar I had at the time:

How to escape from a mountain lion

Though option 3 might be tough against 160 pounds of cat muscle, claws, and teeth.

Incidentally, the Eastern Cougar was declared EXTINCT in March, with researchers believing it had been so since the 1930s. This, of course, may or may not be an eastern cougar, and/or it may or may not be a native wild animal.

Via Instapundit.


Kirkland pit bull incident probably a ‘good shoot’

The weekend shooting of an aggressive pit bull at a Kirkland park appears to fall well within the guidelines of self-defense under this state’s statutes, and the incident has ignited a furious debate about dangerous dogs.

The case, according to Alan Gottlieb, executive vice president of the Second Amendment Foundation in Bellevue, underscores why his organization fought to nullify Seattle’s illegal parks gun ban. The State Court of Appeals is now mulling that case. Joining SAF in that lawsuit were the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, the National Rifle Association, Washington Arms Collectors, and five local residents.

The city lost the first round in King County Superior Court and appealed. Oral arguments before the State Court of Appeals were held in March.

It sounds like the gun owner was walking his dog in the park when it was attacked, apparently without provocation or warning, by three pit bulls. He and the pit bull owner repeatedly tried to get the attackers off the gun owner’s dog, but the pit bulls wouldn’t give up. One of them turned on the gun owner, and drew a legally-concealed handgun and shot it. It wasn’t killed outright, was taken to the vet, and is expected to survive.

Neither the gun owner’s dog nor the attacking pit bulls were on a leash, which is illegal.

Another Iguana Fan Weighs In

Murdoc hopes you will indulge a little more illustration of the fan mail he receives about iguana hunting posts.

This one was from an expert on feral lizards:


Driftwood. Good stuff.

He closes with:

IF YOU KILL ANIMALS F*CK YOU I’M OUTTA HERE BITCH! [partially sanitized by Murdoc]

And then proceeded to leave nine (count-’em) more comments in the next hour. All in all caps. All on the same post. A few times he digressed off in the direction of ranting about the oil spill, but it was mostly regurgitation of the original comment. With plenty of wishes for harm and death to those who hunt iguanas. These peace-loving types sure are violent.

I decided to consider the additional comments to be an invasive non-native species and exterminated them.

‘Bears are such magnificent animals’

Tahoe man kills 500 lb. bear in self-defense

TAHOE CITY — Wildlife officials confirmed this week that a Lake Tahoe man was legally acting in self defense when he used a shotgun to kill a 500-pound bear after the bruin allegedly attacked him 10 days ago inside his Lake Forest restaurant.

On the morning of Friday, Nov. 20, at 8 a.m., William Hunter, co-owner of Bacchi’s Inn Restaurant, encountered the large bruin sleeping on the floor of the dining room…

When [he] shouted at the bear to ward him off the premises, the bear allegedly became aggressive and charged William, who was forced to discharge his weapon, killing the bruin.

Glad to know it’s okay to kill a bear IN YOUR RESTAURANT that is CHARGING YOU, even in California.

Feedback on Florida Iguana Hunting

Over at Murdoc Online, I’ve been subjected to all sorts of harassment, ignorant commentary, and uninformed drivel about politics and the war. Here at GunPundit, though, most commenters are surprisingly rational. Sure, a few wackos chime in every now and then, but it’s mostly pretty solid conversation and reasonable debate.

iguana in the crosshairs

Except for the posts on hunting invasive species, especially Florida iguanas. Here are a few for your entertainment.

A while back I got this one on a post about iguanas:

As an iguana owner I would like to shoot you in the head at close range and shoot your dog and cat with guns what kind of pathetic a$$hole are you anyway. Go home to your trailer, trash.

Or this one:

OMG!!! I cannot believe what I am reading. As a wildlife rehabilitator and a rescuer and keeper of reptiles, including iguanas, I am absolutely infuriated! May the herds of iguanas you are hunting retaliate against you and leave you rotting and dying in a ditch in hell!! You bastards!

Because, yeah, feral invasive lizards attacking people would convince humans to stop hunting them.


stop bitchin its not the igaunas fault that their homeland (Florida) has been over populated by people

Hah. “Their homeland.” It’s like all those idiots who equate illegal aliens in the US with the immigrants that came through Ellis Island. That no makey the sensey.

Then there was this one that I simply had to completely edit due to the unacceptable nature of the comment. I think I’ve only deleted or edited about 8 or 10 comments in over seven years of blogging (and several of those were by the same idiot) so just be assured that if Murdoc felt the need to change it, it was pretty rough. But here’s a bit of the original:

you stupid fu[$$]ing human filth, you just dont get it do you. you should kill yourself instead…all I got to say is, if I ever see or find one of you ignorint fu[$$]s killing and not eating them… the gun aint goin to be pointing at the iguana but, You, and, it anint goin to be know BB gun… more like 40 cal.. so watch yourself and what the fu[$$] your doin because, there’s more people out there like me. waiting.

Left by someone calling himself ‘Mutant,’ and who am I to argue with his description of himself?

And this one just came in from Jennifer:

I am an iguana lover and seeing that picture of you with a dead iguana makes me sick.I hope you rot in hell.Dont worry asshole carma will give you all you deserve and more,hope to see you strung up by your balls with someone holding you up with a smile on their face while you suffer and die.

Thanks, Jennifer. I appreciate your feedback. It’s always nice to hear from the adoring public. A point of clarification: That isn’t me in the photo, it’s Terry Gibson from a story in Outdoor Life. Here’s a photo of the iguana without Terry in it.

Ah, comments on iguana posts. The gift that just keeps on giving.

Anyway, Murdoc wouldn’t mind getting in on the iguana hunting. And, as it’s in Florida with air guns, it sounds fun for the whole family.