Core of SHOT

In July, the SHOT Show announced that they’d be “repurposing” the event:

That means that we will focus our exhibit floor on those companies that are involved in our core business — shooting, hunting, outdoor and tactical. Those exhibitors that do not represent core shooting, hunting, outdoor and tactical product segments will be informed that they will not be invited to exhibit in 2013. Letters will be going out to those companies affected beginning in September 2011, and should those companies choose not to exhibit in 2012 as a result, we will offer them a full refund, which is contrary to the terms of their 2012 contract, but only fair under the circumstances.

I thought this was a good move, as there were more than a few oddball booths at the show. No big deal unless there are legit shooting and hunting companies waiting to get in, and that’s apparently the case.

More recently they announced that

we first removed nearly 100 out of 400 waitlist companies that do not meet the criteria of our core business. These companies will be receiving a letter explaining our position. We then sent invitations and applications to exhibit at the 2012 SHOT Show to 128 firearms, ammunition, optics and accessory companies. Just 60 of those companies submitted their application and payment.

This week, we are inviting another 50 companies to join us at the Sands Expo this January. It appears we will be able to accommodate more than 100 new exhibiting companies at the 2012 SHOT Show and have all the remaining 122 companies that meet the criteria of our core business off our waitlist and exhibiting at the 2013 SHOT Show.

This is probably a real good move. The show is huge and I’ve never really been a fan of some of the out-of-place booths there.

Freedom Group

In the NY Times: How Freedom Group Became the Big Shot

I got the “Freedom Group is owned by George Soros and he’s buying up everything to shut it down” email a few times last month and meant to post on it but never did.

Anyway, I can’t say that I’m a huge fan of these mega-groups of companies and the numbers-based consolidation that they bring, but what are you going to do about it? I don’t really see any issue.

The article seems more or less even-handed, too. Surprising for the NY Times.

Via Uncle.


Colt, S&W among those out of carbine bidding

Despite the headline, Colt still has a gun in the ring.

So who is still in the running? The B.E.A.R. by Adcor Defense, SCAR by FNH and the Adaptive Combat Rifle by Remington are still standing. They are now joined by Colt’s Enhanced M4.

Do not confuse the Enhanced M4 with the M4A1. The weapon is suppression ready, has a fluted barrel for less weight and better cooling, and has shown “markedly better” accuracy than the current M4, said the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity. Internal mechanisms have also been changed to increase durability and reliability. Notably, Colt went with a piston system.

And Heckler & Koch has jumped in the ring with an HK416 variant. Officials didn’t want to go into detail on the changes, except to say that is a “far improved” version of the venerable HK416.

Venerable? The HK416 is “venerable”?

And, despite what’s claimed later in the story, the XM8 did NOT have a 20mm grenade launcher. That was the XM29.

So, at this point, I wonder how much of that story is really accurate…

Charlie Cutshaw

Murdoc just saw that writer Charlie Cutshaw passed away recently. He was a great guy and a great writer, particularly in the tactical field. Though I wasn’t what you’d call close friends with him, we shared a few beers here and there at industry events and I always felt like I’d learned something after talking with him. I was lucky to know him.

The last time I saw him was a couple of years back. He was climbing onto a shuttle bus at SHOT. I offered him the seat next to me, but he was just looking for his wife and had to go check another bus. So we agreed to meet up soon.

I was just looking over the list of attendees at an upcoming event and was disappointed to not see Charlie’s name on the list. I thought again of that quick meeting on the bus and wondered when we’d have that beer.

Laura Burgess Marketing notes:

In lieu of flowers: Please send donations to one of two of Charlie’s favorite charities. The first charity being ASPCA. Please use the following address of Linda Tiramani, ASPCA Special Giving, 520 8th ave 7th Floor, New York, NY 10018. Please include a note,”in memory of Charles Q. Cutshaw”. The second charity is Wounded Warrior Project, 4899 Belfort Rd., Ste 300, Jacksonville, FL 32256. Same note as before please.

Charlie will be missed.

Wal-Mart brings guns back


Wal-Mart said Thursday that it is bringing guns back to many of its U.S. stores in an effort to lift slumping sales.

In 2006, Wal-Mart (WMT, Fortune 500), the world’s largest retailer stopped selling guns in the majority of its stores, blaming slow demand for those types of firearms.

Wal-Mart currently sells rifles, shotguns and ammunition in about 1,300 stores in the United States.

Those firearms will now be available at about half of Wal-Mart’s 4,000 stores.

Via Instapundit, who writes

Nowadays, guns and ammo are regarded as good investments.